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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Post For The Year 2008

I never want to missed my last post for the year as well. Before I heading to my bestfriend house, I would like to wrap up my 2008 with thousand apology to all my family and friends out there. If there are some action or words that I may hurt your feelings, please forgive me, believe me, I have no intention to hurt you and I am very apologize, please forgive me and may God bless your kindness.

There are too many things happen in 2008 and some are good and some are bad, some brings happiness, some bring pain but the greatest of all, I learn that our life must go on, whatever happen, you are responsible with your own life. Never blame to other when everything it's in your hand. If I say, I don't have any option to decide what to do. Well, if you said you have no option to do what you want to do, then the option that you have chose was not to do the thing you should do. Confused isn't it? Well, life is complicated, but if you learned about it, the knowledge will bring you the meaning of life.
At Noy's Engagement Day

I may not good in explaining but whatever I type out, come out from my little red heart. Goodbye 2008, welcome 2009.

* A little prayer for my late daddy, hope you rest in peace. I love you dad..

Monday, December 29, 2008

Love will always be Loved

I was doing my new year task, and so it happen my dear was online tonight. So, we have a short chat through Yahoo Messenger and I ask him whether he want to have a look or edit into my new planning for the year 2009. I knew what the outcome will be but I thought maybe he want to add something serious this time. And the result is, yes, Love will always talks about Love.

After Him

Maybe that's why friends is so important so we can talk about other things. Anyway, thanks for making my day dear. Love you so much. This is what he says while I'm updating this post.

my dear: hee
my dear: dear??
my dear: way od u?
girllyen: mau update blog before sleep..
my dear: zz
my dear: limpas da jadual
my dear: hehe'

Hehehe.. 2009 baru start bah my dear..

My Christmas 2008

Wake up around 8am, alarmed by my beloved mummy, I have a morning personal prayer before heading to the bathroom. After a warm shower, I heard my scolding my brothers because sleep late last night which effect their super lazy mood to wake in the morning. How I wish daddy still here. He will be the one who support mummy to wake them up so no chaos in the morning. My youngest brother is better than the older one, the elder brother always end up like he knows everything and he act like he is the only man who know the world better. His ego is killing me! My mum always cry because of him! And he never felt guilty about it. Maybe yes but he never change the attitude. Without mummy, he would not be in this world. I curse himself of being the rudest child in our family. Please give some respect to your own mother. I bet his life will be more miserable if my mummy not around.

After a moody morning, we ended going to Telipok Ria (Grandma House) without my elder brother. If he really want to stay at home, he should not go out that day but I know he already influenced by his bad friends to be what he want to be. He know to smoke and never understand what Family means which I failed to understand him as well. What I know he only can do bad things rather be a successful person. I wish he reads this but I strongly believe that he never have time for this even he always borrow my broadband to surf the internet.

We celebrate our Christmas at Telipok Ria, mummy cooks some dishes and we did enjoy the relatives visits. Thanks to all who coming. I missed you dad..

My Blue Dress bought @ POSE Boutique, some say I look slimmer in this dress, I just love whatever I buy from POSE Boutique ;)

My uncle and aunt haha..

Uncle Aunt
My uncle aunt cont..

Telipok Ria
Merry Christmas to all..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A night before Christmas 2008

The child
Or in other words, Christmas Eve. I'm working during the day so I will only talk about what I had done at the night. Traditionally, we went to Sunset Mass at Chapel St. Petrus, in my kampung Tampulan. There were quite a number of people attend Christmas Eve prayer that night. I wore a white skirt and a new blouse which I bought from POSE boutique two weeks ago. The prayer should start at 7pm, but due to some problem we only manage to start at 7.30pm. I never been informed that I was the second reader that night, so I took about 10minutes to read the my verse before the prayer start.
The People
Our Humble Chapel St. Petrus, Tampulan.

After mass, there were some rehersal for the upcoming Christmas party at Mr Lawrence residence on 26th December 2008. We have several activities on that day and one of it is the singing contest. Our keyboardist, Mr Vetelius had to tune the participant voice with the keyboard melody before the big day so that everything will be going smooth on that particular date. Around 9.30pm, we left the chapel and home safely.

Salam damai
Peace Be with You All
My Brother
The black shirt is my brother

The Children

AdiQ & Girllyen ;)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Riza Bistro Bad Services

Location: Riza Bistro, Grd Floor, Hotel Juta, around KK.
Date: 18 Dec 2008
Time: 1pm Sharp

Well, I don't have enough time to blog about this but I should share some pictures that I snapped during our last luncheon when I was on leave and have a walk with Nattelim . I had uploaded a short video in my facebook account and to those who have not a Facebook account here are the version from YouTube.

On 18 Dec 2008, Nattelim and I were accidentally on leave so Eleanor come up a plan to have a luncheon with us at Corn's territory aka near Corn's workplace. First, I was advised by Eleanor that we will take our lunch at other restaurant, but ended to Riza Bistro. As usual, we are loud and full of laughter without any intention to get attention. Hmm.. No intention to get attention. Nice phrase.

The food in Riza Bistro restaurant not bad, the roti planta taste so good as what Natt and Angela tasted. The only problem was the services. Should banned the workers from working. They act like we come and irritating their business. Hello, we come to eat and pay our meals, weren't we good? Kasi maju business bah! There was two waitress really made us disappointed, one, she asked our order like we can't decide what we should eat, two, the other girl made us felt like we should not re-order another good food. Teruk oo!! If you see the expression, u might think of leaving from the premise and banned for life.

Biarpun teruk, banyak juga gambar yang sya tangkap laa.. hehe.. Sorry girls.. ;) It just me.

Dialog again
Cheap Dialog by me

Teh Tarik
Look at the waitress, not even smiling!

Okay, they are not gossiping

Yea, only Natt look at me..

Ya.. dorang la ni paling kuat ketawa..

Special: How To Wear Fake Eyelashes

This is special dedication for Dopet aka Dopey ;) And also Eleanor.. This time I'm going to use my own dialect or I prefer to classified as street language.

Bah, actually sya sudah mandi bah ni, baru on computer pastu try connect internet, masuk jak check my own blog. Sya terbaca lah di dopey punya comment "On Dec 26 dopeymooke commented on exhausted weekend health party: “girl, i like ur bulu mata .....ajar sia pa macam mo kasi lakat tuh? haha” Orait.. sya pun tidak mahir bah dalam bab bab bermake up ni.. tapi sebab kawan punya pasal.. sya try buat tutorial la ni.. ;)

Ok... perkara yang paling penting kalau mau pakai fake eyelashes ni.. adalah pemilihan

1) bulu mata
2) Gam bulu mata

biasa kita nampak yang jarang jarang punya jenis.. (paling banyak di kadai laa sya tingu) dan bulu mata ni cost buli tahan juga.. sampai menjangkau RM80 ringgit.. mungkin ada yang sampai beratus.. tapi mungkin itu yang ada diamond laa.. Tips untuk bulu mata yang murah.. cost dibawah RM5.. sana Segama.. p jak kedai kaling tu.. ada tu.. RM2 pun ko buli dapat.. hehe.. boleh beli berjenis jenis.. Kalau mau nampak mata yang cantik.. mesti laa bulu mata yang lebat kan? So.. sya cadangkan beli bulu mata yang bulu dia rapat rapat.. supaya orang pun makin rapat bila nampak mata kita nanti.. ;) Semua bulu mata tu ada disertakan gam dia sekali.. tapi baru beberapa jam.. tinggal sebelah lagi tu bulu mata.. nah.. tension lagi p toilet mau belikan gam bulu mata.. bukan gam gajah.. nanti ada yang menangis tidak dapat buka..

1) Letak gam di bulu mata tu.. yang hujung untuk dilekat sahaja.. bukan semua aah..
2) Kalau panjang.. potong laa kasi pendek sikit tu bulu mata..
3) Kalau gam tu jenis yang lambat kering.. tiup tiup sikit.. agak agak 60% kering.. lekat di atas bulu mata ori kamu.. macam kamu letak satu barang di atas tu bulu mata laa..
4) Kalau ada tu alat untuk tahan tu bulu mata.. guna laa.. if lupa bawa atau tiada.. guna pen pun buli.. ;) (creative la sikit) Tahan guna jari pun ok juga..
5) Tunggu sampai kering.. agak agak.. 5 minit.. kalau tidak sabar.. guna hairdryer.. hahaha..
6) Agak agak sudah kering.. jangan gelojoh mo tingu mata yang sudah kiyut.. pelan pelan buka mata.. mungkin tergam juga tu mata.. itu laa mau pelan pelan..
7) Untuk lagi nampak natural.. letak eyeliner.. tambah sikit eye shadow.. fuh.. gerenti.. macam model mascara baru.. ;)

Mata yang penat tingu pc..

Bulu mata rapat sma gam bukan gajah

Kasi duduk tu eyelash di atas bulu mata ori..

Pakai pen pun buli..

Ada beza ka? :D

p/s: Dopey & Len.. i hope you understand.. else.. hehehe.. training banyak banyak kio.. ;) cheers~

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Passport with Aeron & Derrick

After you read the subject what do expect from that? I also get confused with the subject which I created by myself. Hahaha.. It's about my passport, my cousins Aeron & Derrick. Cousins? Yes, cousin. I know, some of you might say, ya right cousin. The fact is, yes we are ok? :p End of conversation. Haha.. not yet, I still have to tell you what we did yesterday.
2 guys and a lady
Aeron, Derrick & I

The palanduk aka Kancil car of my late dad in the workshop at the moment so I have no car to move around. So, I ask Aeron if he can take me out, thank God and him, he agree to bring me out to make my new passport. He promise to fetch me 9am the night before (sms) but reach my office nearly 10am. It's fine. I'm ok with it. As long as he fetch me up. Thank you so much Aeron Welson. He not alone, Derrick is with him. Don't expect the unexpected ok, we are not alone, Aeron, Derrick and I went to federal.
Waiting for my lucky no 1056

Shy Derrick
Malu malu si boy mau ambil gambar.. haha..

Location: Bangunan Persekutuan & 1Borneo
Time: 10.10am - 02.45pm
Date: 23/12/2008
Doing: Passport, Lunch, Meet Friend, Chatting, PhotoFreak

Serius driver

Derrick & Girllyen
Kanak Kanak Riang beside serious driver..

Arrive there around I did not remember anymore, but quite hard to look for a parking so we had to park near UMS longside and walk to the building. Fill up the form for 32 pages internation passport, the form cost RM1 only, while the whole passport cost me RM300, but if you want to make one, don't forget to bring your birth certificate and IC and make a copy of it. If you forget, there is a photocopy service inside the building as well, but for IC, one copy will cost u RM1 and for A4 size is RM0.50. What say u? Better photocopy from outside isn't it? ;)

Lunch at New York New York

The passport only done after 2 hours, so we have our lunch in New York New York, 1Borneo Hypermall, the nearest we can have our lunch. Guess who I met in 1Borneo, Baxter Bryant, my long lost friend as well. We are very different in figure. Very chubby. Hahaha! I need diet. Please somebody help on my diet please..

Derrick & Aeron
Muka kenyang sudah ni..

Baxter Bryant

Root beer
My drinks - Root Beer Float and a glass of water

About 2pm, we heading back to 'mini pj' for my passport collection. Yes, done. Now I can plan my travel trip for 2009! Yeeehaaaa! ;)

Hitamnya kau bucha!!

Passport Done!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Full Blast Weekend!

Yes! Full blast! My body is weak now and I'm seriously need a long break! Maybe I should stay at home this weekend. Can I do that? I don't think so, I have to go some open house on 25th then 2 wedding invitation, another wedding on 28th, fuh.. Hopefully I can rest on 29th. My life no more boring but lack of rest can make our life shorter!

20th December 2008

The sun shines so bright that day, I woke up at 8am and take my bath. Mom is calling my brother to get ready as they need to go early to the airport accompany my cousin before he leaving Sabah. However, we manage to drop by 'soon to be' my new house at Malawa Court Apartment near KKIP. I met Ah Yung in Malawa Court before we wen to Noy's house. Congratulation Noy, it's her engagement day. ;) (I had to make my words shorter) After Noy's engagement, Ah Yung and I went to KK and it was raining in the afternoon. We have a walk at Centre Point before he leave me in Warisan Square. Around 10.30pm I met Cornelia and Eleanor, went to Rumba again. This is my 3rd time in Rumba (never missed a saturday). This time, too crowded and all I can say is, I leave early that night ;)
Malawa Court
Malawa Court Apartment

Noy Engagement
At Noy's Engagement

Corn, Len & I

21th December 2008

Wake about 11am, have lunch in Warisan Square. Angela & Jenie come and fetch me up heading to Tanjung Badak (near to Rasa Ria Resort, Tuaran). I enjoyed my time with my girlfriends these days. After a joyful day in Tanjung Badak, they dropped me at Telipok Ria where my mom waiting for me. Last event of the day, it's the Christmas Carol from Tuaran.

Janetty, Nattelim, I & Jenie
Janetty, Angela, Jenie & Nattelim

Carolers from St. John, Tuaran ;)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Updating in progress

As it is, all pictures still loading some of my post will be much much delay this time.. Just drop by and say happy holiday to those who already 'booked' their leave. For me, I only enjoy public holiday and wait for the upcoming year of 2009. God Bless. ;) Cheers~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I hate you but I love you

Dear, we have a bad communication today. You know how hard to be alone here and it is not easy for me to get through all. Maybe it just me but I want you to understand what I feel inside, not against me because you are not helping at all. Our conversation always ended blaming ourselves and I realized this attitude effects our sweet relationship.

Me & dear

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Exhausted Weekend - Health & Party

First of all, I would like to remind all of you that tomorrow is the 15th days for final month of the year. Better do your closing before the holiday fever haunted you. - just a short commercial break here.

Anyway, wihu! What a weekend! December is the month of "get your things done in time". I hate being busy but I have no option but to stress a bit this month. However, I still enjoy my weekend and it is very worthy for the word "tired". Baiklah, apa cerita sibuk-sibuk ni kunun?

12 December 2008, Friday not the 13th..

Well, on Friday afternoon, I work until 7.30pm, finish up my inventory for the week. Mom arrived around 7.45pm and we are heading to Kg. Simpudu, Papar at my cousin house. On our way to Papar, we stopped at BTC restaurant, Inanam to have our dinner. Usually I will ordered Nasi Beriyani whenever we having meal here. Unfortunately, my favourite food dah habis.. So, Nasi Ayam pun bolehlah.. and ordered Strawberry Lasi for my drink.
Nasi Ayam & Strawberry Lasi

We reached Papar around 9.30pm. We have a short chit chat, watch Kuntilanak 3 in my laptop, and ended Kuntilanak wacth me sleeping.

The Cousin
My Cousin, Ingkok & I

13 December 2008, Saturday Night Fever

I woke late that day, almost 10am. All awake except my brother and I. (Yea, we like sleeping and stay up late) One of my cousin was thinking to seek the doctor in Damai Specialist Centre about his nose infection matter. (Tepat pada waktunya, saya pun mau jumpa my girlfriend Eleanor di sana..) So I met Len at her workplace for the first time. Macam jakun juga lah, first time masuk Damai Specialist Centre and the office itself. Rupanya Polina pun kerja sana, erm.. bahagian Farmasi.. Now I have quite a number of friends who involved in medical line. Kalau sya mau beranak nanti, sya mau select siapa yang kasi beranak sya juga.. Anyway, Eleanor is not in medical department, she's in marketing line and I adore her way of doing PR!
Damai Specialist Centre
Damai Specialist Centre - Free Blood Pressure Test

Ok, enough of her (sya takut dia kembang yang melampau). My mom read there are free Blood test and in a small charge to test your BMI in the hospital. So, we did it and the result is a warning to me. Veralyn! You are officially OVERWEIGHT! OMG..I better do something with my diet and lifestyle but the result not affected our party that night. After done playing around at Damai Specialist Centre, Len passed me the pre-opening voucher staying at KK Times Square for one night which I enjoyed a night in the hotel after partying.
Room 307
KK Times Square Hotel - Room 307
Now is the best part..
KK Times Square

Location: KK Times Square
Time: 6-9pm
Tag: Check in and get ready for the party.
Mood: Flu, Nervous & Excited.
Gadget: Digital Camera Samsung L73

Eleanor and Cornelia arrived around 9.15pm, our main purpose is not just to party but meeting our friends.
My Girlfriends
Friendship Never Ends Jenie, Cornelia, Eleanor & Angela

Retro Night
Flower Power Retro Night - Rumba Grill & Bar

For me, I am not a clubbers and never once. I just enjoying meeting new people, take pictures and blogging. That's all. My interest going such place is to have fun with all my girlfriends. Actually banyak lagi mau cerita bah ni.. but very sleepy at the moment.. Tomorrow had to work again. Hope you enjoy the pictures and Good night everyone.

Nice Weekend ;)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Red Glam Party Pictures Ramble

Again, thousand apologize from me. If I spell it wrong, please forgive me as well. Life is fun and friendly. Do not be too sensitive and always look at the bright side of your life. ;) Jangan lupa sambung tugas ok?


Spontaneous Punya Idea

Olumis & Pitt

Pitt & marc

Greg Kupi
Gidong & Pitt

Newton & PS

Sing it baby

Pitt, Jay


Make your own words

Seperti yang sya paling suka minta kamu buat.. Post in your blog.. cuba nasib apa dorang punya dialog sini.. hehe.. ;)

5 orang yang paling pantas buat tu dialog will get a copy of CD gambar Red Glam Party yang saya capture.. Enjoy the game~ ;) If sudah post d blog.. bagitau sya.. supaya sya buli track aah.. Terima kasih..