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Thursday, October 30, 2008

At Least Humming When You Are Busy

The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work.

Girllyen Desk
Very busy! Yes! I feel that our system is very slow today. I wonder, is it slow or am I too fast? My surrounding becomes stressful these days. Probably I’m still in the sad mode or trying to be normal which I lied. Or maybe, yes, I don’t know. I took light breakfast and have no time for lunch and dinner! I’m coming back home around 8pm from depot and again my disaster day, right rear tyre punctured! Glad 200 meter from home and tubeless type of tyre, I had to drive slowly and try to get home as safe as I could be. Delighted, I reach home safely and have the spare tyre in place. Perhaps God is planning something good for me tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Friends are born, not made.

True Friendship Never Let You Down

Best Friend Forever - Jacqulyn

Some friends of my family come to our little house. Some of them brings something for dinner that night. It was uncle Lucius birthday today. I never knew that. Well, we celebrate his birthday with a small surprise as we do not want to make mom feel sad about it. We took a picture of them and enjoy eating durians for the whole night. To all my friends out there, kalau berani, datanglah rumah makan durian free.. ;)

Lucius Family
Lucius Family

Random Nuts

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm Back to Work Now..

After a week of emergency leave..Now I'm back on track. Woah~ My desk like.. did the Katrina hit my desk yesterday? Well, 1st day of work isn't sound so good. Seems like everyone look me like.. "Kesian Her.. with very pathetic look.." Thanks for your sympathy but we should be happy that we still can enjoy life, and I need motivation from u guys.. Support.. Everything which sound "You Go Girl! You can do it!" Above all, I love you all guys. Without u, I won't be what you see me now.

Next, I open my drawer, yes, a parcel for me from Dee. Thanks Buddy. I ordered this Tankini a month ago and only reach my office while I'm not around. Look at the price, I pay half only.

Pos Laju
Delivered by Pos Laju - Thanks Mr Postman

Black Raven -

Price tag
After discount..less than hundred..

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pantang -- Is it a curse?? Happy Deepavali..


Happy Diwali to all who celebrating it. Sadly, no one invited me for their open house, most probably I have less than 10 friends who celebrating Diwali. In conjunction of Deepavali, I had to bring mom to the nearest beach. Mandi laut. One of the pantang. Buang sial, just like every end.. Semua mau buang sial kunun.. My grandma says yang penting air masin, air laut, and I was like, Owkay.. air masin, air laut, then why beach? Ikut cakap ja la.. We end up by droping Nexus, Karambunai where me paling biasa punya beach laa.. But, bukan juga mamy mandi, p cuci kaki, cuci telinga, cuci muka only. That's all and I was like.. aaa.. ok.. (not looking at mom.. but look at bikinis view.. ahaks!)

The Beach
Lebih Ramai Dari Biasa even hujan..

Syok tengok fountain

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's Durian Season

Yes, it is Durian Season. Unfortunately, the weather tidak kasi chan us to go our orchard to pick up durian yang jatuh.. After church, I ask my bestpren si JacQ aka AdiQ for bantuan kehidupan.. Hehe adalah.. takut jatuh ke tangan pihak berkuasa susah tu.. Sempat lagi they visit my blog and they caught on tape..err.. not tape actually.. in my digicam or Noy says Compact Camera..
Fuh.. serius gila dorang ni.. takut sya..

Later that afternoon, Alevera my schoolmate since high school come and her husband, together with them is Waty aka my Tai Ka Jie, admin of UTM SPACE KK and her family, visit us (sambil makan durians la ni) Mula mula belum panas enjin lagi.. malu malu lagi minum kopi yang me buat.. probably.. tak sedap kot (wat! Kot! tidak sedap kali bah..akakak) Sekali kluar durian.. fuiyoo~ Terus.. rancak ni.. kena charge terus.. haha.. best.. Thanks for cheering us up! Waty.. ko memang bulleh~! Eva.. Sya belum tingu lagi DVD ko yang kahwin di dewan tu aah.. Hee..

Dapur yang semak..

Kanak Kanak Riang
Ceria anak anak si waty ni.. suka bergambar..

Great Wisdom

Dear Veralyn Marcie, this is your I Ching for Sunday, October 26th:

Ta Chuang: Great wisdom,
Now you have the opportunity to obtain your desires and reach your aims. Nothing is impossible as inside you there is great strength and you are fully aware of this. But beware: avoid over-confidence or arrogance and be sure you are always in the right.

See you tomorrow.

I open my mail today and I received my daily I-Ching, (Nor yang pengaruh sya benda benda gini.. which is fun and coincidence betul kadang kadang laa..) We are not fully believe what this free services so called Astrology thingy said, but sometime it does motivate us on how to handle life like what is happening now. Boleh la kan.. Anyway, I'm getting better now, my mom pun can accept the truth of life already. Memories will remain in our heart, but our life still have to move on. Just like the commercial said. Shell.. Made To Move.. Ekeke.. NO joke..

Friday, October 24, 2008

7th day since he went away..

Hurm.. I'm getting better and all pun can accept oredy. Well, mana juga buli kasi hidup balik! Wake up gal! Ur dad in heaven now and he need a rest! Please stop sedih sedih! Ok.. ok.. Gimbaran sya bilang.. ok ok.. sya tau.. sya tau.. Fiew~ What a week! To all, please come together for the 7th day prayer as per details below:

Venue: Our residence, Kg. Tampulan Telipok.
Time: 7pm
Date: Today, Friday, 24th October 2008
Let Us Pray
Let us pray..

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
I accept from Your hands,
whatever kind of death it may please You to send me today,
with all its pains,
penalties and sorrows,
in reparation for my sins,
for the souls in purgatory,
for those conversion of sinners,
for all those who will die today,
and for Your greater glory.. Amen..

Am I a Vandalisme?

Huhuhu.. tak boleh tidur lah.. Guling sana sini.. Can't sleep.. 11.30pm go to bed, try to sleep but can't pula.. Open my laptop.. then me start lukis lukis.. Heheh.. I stole something from Leanor.. Jangan Marah sya kio.. He is one of my best buddy during high school! Yapp.. we are the one who always made the teacher high blood. Especially, Add Maths and Civil Engineering subject! Hahah! That was long time ago, but syok!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 6..

Hari keenam, sunyi, senyap, something is missing, yes, everything is different now. No morning jokes, no afternoon calls, no evening shout, no happy dinner. Dull. Nothing. He is away from us. We try to be strong, try to pretend everything is fine. Start from now, I have to feed the fish, fix the pipe line, check the water filter, pre-check the car every morning (even I'm not mastered yet), clean up the gun, watching his shoes, cut down the grass if necessary. There are too many things I had to do which he never hand over to me yet! I remember a few days ago he taught me on how to jack a car, "Kalau kau mau jack ni kreta, ko mesti tau mana mau jack, ko pigang ni besi, mesti kasi ngam ngam ini besi, kalau tidak.. Bom! Habis, hancur kreta di lantai" I just laugh and said, ya la ya la.. sya tau.. (hugging him from the back - pretend dont want to listen, harap him only) And now the biggest fear, losing him like losing part of my body, handicaped (did i spell it right?), but I had to move on.
Resting Now
Mummy wake me up this morning, mau urus mastercard dady, tengah orang susah, sana juga dorang tagih hutang. So, I had to drive and bring mummy to CIMB, Inanam. Grandma says, mummy mesti kena bawa jalan supaya orang tidak takut dengan dia, or macam buang sial like that la. Cuaca mendung saja. Arrive CIMB about 10am, glad I have friend over there who I prefer called him Alil. He assist us without taking any ticket number. He said, biarlah tu kredit kad and I was like "hah?" then he ask whether dady own ASB account, I ask mummy, she said yes, Alil help me to claim the RM200..errr.. bantuan ka apa tu.. Not very sure, but that what we received, bantuan from ASB. About all the debt, we have to go to Mahkamah Anak Negeri to fill some forms then we can clear it. Berat hati mengurus semua ni. Penat and sedih sekali.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

18 October 2008

The day we lost our beloved father..

To my friends who didn't get the chance to know my father better, I would like to give some introduction here.

Real Name: Ismail Julin
Christian Name: Valentine
Others: Joning, Mail, Mayun..
Born: 24th July 1964
Origin: Kg. Tampulan, Telipok, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Siblings: Son of the late Julin Damit & Gobida. (banyak bah adik beradik dorang ni..tapi yang sama bapa sama mama, 3 jak, kakak daddy baru meninggal tahun lalu, tinggal adik perempuan lagi la.. sma adik beradik tiri yang lain)
Occupation: Operation Manager, Timplas Industries Sdn Bhd, KKIP, KK, Sabah.
Left: One beloved wife (My mother, Winee @ Winnie Elap, 44, Me, Veralyn Marcie, 23, and my brothers, Vittorio Mario, 17, and Venansio Maccuirio, 16, - i'm not sure if I spell it right) and our stepbrother, Oneal Ismail, 24.
Hobbies & Interest: Hunting, Create stupid jokes (just like me), Working (he is a workaholic), pungut barang barang terpakai..
Skills: Piping, Mechanical (automotive), he is a super dad, he can fix eveything! Our house is made by him and all the interior part as well. We saves a lot of money for the house renovation.
He's not: Smoking, Drinking alcohol, ego..
He is highly: Humble, patient, kind and respect each others.
Penghormatan terakhir

There are some huge changes before he left us and knock ourself that we should have known the sign! During raya holiday, he join the seminar at St. Paul, I'm not sure what is the purpose, if I'm not wrong, it's about Pembaharuan Karismatik Katolik.. Which he never like to join this kind of religious thingy, or never do it for his own purpose. That's the first time my late daddy go for a religious activity. (Normally, he is a person who only go to the church if insisted, once on Easter and once on Christmas day only) Bah.. kami pun terkejut la kan.. tiba tiba jak mau pigi seminar ni.. But we allow him la.. it's a Good Thing bah for us.. The Calling.. Raya start.. bulan rosary pun starts.. Again, he brings my mom to join the commitee p rosary rumah ke rumah.. Wahh.. even that we didn't see the sign yet.. till the day he get stroke.. we realized that he is ready.. but we ain't ready! However, this is life, people may come and go.. Apa apa pun.. thanks to all of u who always here to support us. May God bless you all..

Rest In Peace Daddy.. We all loves you..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Nightmare Begin..

16th October 2008

Right after the whole day busy with works, luncheon, dinner and movies. I come home and clean up while thought of laying on the bed and have a good rest. Suddenly I received a call, time shown 11:45, mummy, with her voice burst in tears saying "Gee..dady sakit" I was shocked with her voice, sound terrible and I go to the living room grabbing the car keys and bring grandma together to see what had happen to daddy. We rush to the hospital and saw daddy shacking with her hands unfold. Look like stroke but could it be other issue? I was puzzled! What had happened to daddy! I never seen him like this before! But I pray and make a cross sign so nothing bad will happen to him. After 2 hours trying to stablize dad, they decide to send him to Hospital Queen Elizabeth, KK.

17th October 2008

I had to rush again back to Telipok Ria, coz I'm using uncle's Udam car that night. Then I use mummy's car right after that because mummy and aunty follow the ambulance to HQE. I fetch daddy's youngest sister at Telipok town and speeding to HQE. Reach HQE about 2am.. Roy and Carol drop by look after us. About 4am, we left HQE and let mummy, aunty Jiwi and daddy's youngest sister, aunty Mary with daddy in ICU. So, I drive alone all the way from KK - Telipok. Mengantuk, penat and worried lingering in my mind and sikit lagi sya mau naik itu land round about sana Bandar Sierra sebab sangat sangat mengantuk.

Sampai rumah, about 5am, I get ready all mummy punya baju, berus gigi and other important stuff for her. Then I take a nap about 1 hour and a half. 6.30am.. After make sure all locked up, I drive to work slowly, still worrying. I left office 12pm sharp, run again to HQE. Tengok daddy, tengah tidur. Mummy says, daddy kena bius. We pray 1 Bapa Kami, 3 kali Salam Maria and 1 kali Kemuliaan and hope God will hear our prayer and hope daddy could wait for another time.

2.15PM, balik keja..heavy rain.. i know God is telling me that daddy is suffering now. About 2 hours in the office, I couldn't take time more longer, left the office around 4.30pm, drove to Telipok Ria, have a rest and a nap for a safe journey to HQE. Me and aunty Therese went to HQE about 8pm.. Daddy still uncontious and I have cry since morning. I'm afraid of losing him..

18th October 2008

Since aunty with me, I had to go home at 12am. Sampai jak rumah.. terus tidur.. penat.. Pengsan.. without clean up.. around 4am.. received call again.. this time.. seem serious.. but I wish daddy hang on a while.. reach HQE.. mummy was cried out loud, kak conie ask me to see dad.. katil daddy bertutup.. I thought doctor tengah trying save daddy's live. Sekali tengok, I was fainted and can't exactly remember what happen after that. When I woke up, I run to daddy's dead body and hug him like I always do. Kiss him like I always geram with him.. huhuhuhu.. i can't type any longer by now.. I can't stop my tears from falling..


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Disaster Movie!

Busy thursday! Banyak keja oo! But sempat lagi ikut HRA team luncheon at Gayang Restaurant..though ada lambat sikit laa masa tu.. Tidak byk sya mau cakap laa.. tingu jak laa apa kami makan.. hehe.. jangan nangis.. masih ada lagi tu sana Gayang Seafood Restaurant.. order saja.. tapi sendiri bayar..


Their best dish is the Ikan Masak Baba dan Nyonya.. I'm not sure whether baba and nyonya cook or the fish name is baba n nyonya.. Hahaha..

Baba dan Nyonya

I get the chance to meet Len & Roy at 1Borneo that night, we have a quick walk before heading to the cinema and watch the super disaster movie.. really.. it's so disasterous! I mean.. it looks like cheap movie.. Lack of creativity and hurm.. No comments.. tengok review orang lain sendiri laa..

This is for real.. Really..

Disaster Movie
New disaster movie again?

Next to me is single.. hehe..

Two girls and a guy..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From Japan with instant noodle

After a short dinner with my bosses at Seri Selera, Sedco Seafood Court, I drop at Fook Yuen, gathering with LUGUsan aka Illie who just arrived from Japan.. Team of SabahRhinos, KE and ex-sumandak dot com. I know him from Sumandak Dot Com.. and he is nice person though.. Hehehe.. Dapat juga la my instant noodle imported from Japan.. Thanks LUGU.. hehe.. jasamu dikenang..~

Chit Chat Kosong

Hehehe.. captured from video..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dinner with Disie and Friends..


Aldrian called me in the afternoon ask me to go out that night. I remember his wife called me 2 days before about inviting me to a dinner with them. So happen I stay in Telipok Ria that day, then I agree with him to go out. Kesian, they had to bersesat just to fetch me at Telipok Ria. (Sorry to trouble you two) but with all the effort and hopes they manage to get me and heading to Seafood Garden at Sembulan. Disie ordered too much dish and I just can't stop eating. I try to recall the menu that night but I can't remember well. Thanks to Disie for the great dinner and Aldrian for the good laught and both of u for taking me to this dinner. You two are the best couple I ever had. God bless you and may you have a prosperous life throughout the year and the future.

From left (front - back), Yvonne, Disie, Aldrian, Veralyn, Roy, Max, Benny, Dengkos.


It was self timer with double capturing mode, so the candid picture always be the best shot.


Monday, October 13, 2008

A date with Marlin..

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You, too? Thought I was the only one."

It was Saturday morning, and I thought of going to Ranau with Isa and Nor which we plan to jalan jalan cari pasal the day before. Unfortunately, Nor sms me that she couldn't join us this time due to some issue. So, we canceled the plan on the spot to avoid some bad gossip if both us go on with the plan. Then I decide to go online and thinking of downloading some movies, but no idea what kind of movie I want to download so I ended with IM with my friends. So happen, I found Lelen was online on that day.

That was the first time I buzz her. On the spot we decide to go out makan makan at 1Borneo. She fetch me at Telipok Ria after she struggled with her car battery out! Very kesian but she manage to work out and meet me. So sweet of her and here are 1 of our best picture on that day after the long walk in 1Borneo and an exclusive "The Eagle Eye" movie ticket.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

When I addicted to the internet

This what had happened to me since I addicted to the internet..


1. Always stays at home
2. Learn how to manage time wisely
3. I can cook Italian food even my mom don't like cheese
4. Have fun getting tips of beauty and applied to myself (i'm getting fairer!)
5. I save a lot of time rather than going out shopping and get blister
6. Save a lot of credit to call my cousin who is in Swiss now
7. Keep in touch with all my friends in the same time
8. Gather so many information on my assignment (no need to walk to the state library)
9. Watch so many movies without buy a single ticket
10. Listen to all the musics in the world


1. Too much gathering with friends on the net
2. Less exercises
3. I got Panda's eyes
4. Waste money for shopping online
5. Always gets angry when the internet is down
6. Too much of information, takes time to sort it
7. Watch movies too often
8. I have backache!
9. My Friends start saying me "Sombong!" hadoii..
10. Think of buying DSLR.. (haha.. last but not least)

P/s: Sorry for my Engrish!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

DSLR dilemma..again..

Congratulation Vera, you have won our Photo Contest and win the new Nikon D90!” Yes! I am dreaming! Huhuhu.. this thing called SLR is killing me every night.
So I jumped into if they selling this thing (what the heck I am! looking a DSLR in computer shop!) U know laa.. I’m addict to PC stuff too~ So, I ask my fren to drop at DigitalWise at Wawasan Plaza and buy one external harddisk for me.. Maxtor 250Gb.. (I dunno why I suddenly thought of buy this external harddisk while i’m under pressure with DSLR budget.. oh CrAp~)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I went to Keningau last Sunday after Church. Follow my parent to send my brothers back to school. First, I was excited to follow them coz thought of taking some nature pictures to fit them in my flickr account but sadly it was raining and I couldn’t catch a thing! What a day, just enjoy myself in the car ja la.. Huhuhu..

Saturday, October 4, 2008

4th of Raya

Raya raya raya~ Yes.. The forth of Raya, and still I get other invitation for it.. Thanks to Al for inviting me to his house.. Very sayang no Avie aka Fatimah the 2nd around.. Never mind.. kamiurang kasi habis itu mihun guring and kuih lapis!

Around 11am.. I go downstairs thought of washing my dad’s car, mau pinjam p tempat si Al la ba ni kunun, by the time I moved the car a bit further, my mum ternampak minyak di lantai.. then i try to smell.. oh no.. the brake oil leaks.. Not again!!

So.. i ask help from dad to fix it.. and they he goes.. teach me how to use the car jack.. But after that.. aunt Betty calls us for her rumah terbuka.. hippy.. run run to her house.. ngam betul sya belum lagi breakfast.. ngah ngah...!

Pening perut sya makan sana.. after take my medicine.. ngantuk laa pla.. i set my alarm 2.30pm so tak terlajak tidur for Al’s open house.. wake pla ngam2 3pm.. I dunno whether my alarm did sound or I said I set it up but forgot to activate it.. Anyway.. sempat juga la p tempat Al.. reach there.. ramai dah yang sampai.. Macam me pla kena tunggu.. baru kna serve air.. hehehe.. p dapur.. Makan! Unique tau, raya no rendang, no curry, i feel like i’m in New Zealand beraya.. hahah.. menu dia special woo!

Me agak terdiam sikit laa.. coz.. like surprises.. i never know that Al’s live in such huge house.. his dad looks like Hollywood star! And the menu was.. wargh.. simple but sadap!! And.. it’s Al birthday today! Happy birthday Al Hambra.. Makan lebih skit.. kurus sangat woo...we have a little chit chat and last but not least group photo.. wuuu..

P/s: Al and Roy, don’t forget to cascade to us the pictures ok?? Free bah kan kawan kawan ;)
So.. that’s all for today.. 7.00pm left Al’s house.. sampai rumah.. about 8pm Good night! Tomorrow is Sunday.. Need to sleep early for Sunday Mass.. God Bless~

Friday, October 3, 2008

Open House at Noy's

credit goes to Roy coz baju paling putih..tapi kasut setahun tak cuci.. ngah ngah..
Wihuuu~ I just came back from Noy’s house at Bandar Sierra.. From the office straight away to her house, about 10mins laa arrive.. Hippie~ Thanks for the invitation gal.. so sweet of you~ Actually I’m still sakit bah.. so didn’t taste the food so good, kelat bah lidah sya.. Huhuhu.. Anway, you all so sweet! Hah, ada si Kay, Roy abang yang penjaat, Al the cool (kunuk! Yakks! Tolong sya AViE!), Isa abang ngah yang sentiasa steady and myself show up! Yeah! (Peace peace) Before me and Isa leave, sempat juga jumpa bakal bakal daling sya .. oppps.. i mean.. daling sya si noy.. ekekeke.. Dear.. jangan salah paham arrr.. OK.. Mumy sms "JANGAN LAMBAT BALIK" wowowow.. sound scary.. so ngam ngam abang isa pun mau balik.. me pun minta diri laa.. 7.30 pm off.. Tonight mau rehat awal sikit.. Jenie did call me up invite to Night out.. but sorry again gals.. this is the second time I had to excuse myself from meeting you all.. Masih sakit bah.. so.. my mum.. kamu faham faham laa.. cepat risau.. so, there always be Next Time kan? You all so sweet though~

DSLR for sale.. Canon 400D.. Anyone interested.. you can meet this guy.. Isa at

Last but not least.. a picture of me, Noy and hers hehehe..Catch them at