7th day since he went away..

Hurm.. I'm getting better and all pun can accept oredy. Well, mana juga buli kasi hidup balik! Wake up gal! Ur dad in heaven now and he need a rest! Please stop sedih sedih! Ok.. ok.. Gimbaran sya bilang.. ok ok.. sya tau.. sya tau.. Fiew~ What a week! To all, please come together for the 7th day prayer as per details below:

Venue: Our residence, Kg. Tampulan Telipok.
Time: 7pm
Date: Today, Friday, 24th October 2008
Let Us Pray
Let us pray..

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
I accept from Your hands,
whatever kind of death it may please You to send me today,
with all its pains,
penalties and sorrows,
in reparation for my sins,
for the souls in purgatory,
for those conversion of sinners,
for all those who will die today,
and for Your greater glory.. Amen..