I'm Back to Work Now..

After a week of emergency leave..Now I'm back on track. Woah~ My desk like.. did the Katrina hit my desk yesterday? Well, 1st day of work isn't sound so good. Seems like everyone look me like.. "Kesian Her.. with very pathetic look.." Thanks for your sympathy but we should be happy that we still can enjoy life, and I need motivation from u guys.. Support.. Everything which sound "You Go Girl! You can do it!" Above all, I love you all guys. Without u, I won't be what you see me now.

Next, I open my drawer, yes, a parcel for me from Dee. Thanks Buddy. I ordered this Tankini a month ago and only reach my office while I'm not around. Look at the price, I pay half only.

Pos Laju
Delivered by Pos Laju - Thanks Mr Postman

Black Raven - www.prosun.com.my

Price tag
After discount..less than hundred..