The Nightmare Begin..

16th October 2008

Right after the whole day busy with works, luncheon, dinner and movies. I come home and clean up while thought of laying on the bed and have a good rest. Suddenly I received a call, time shown 11:45, mummy, with her voice burst in tears saying "Gee..dady sakit" I was shocked with her voice, sound terrible and I go to the living room grabbing the car keys and bring grandma together to see what had happen to daddy. We rush to the hospital and saw daddy shacking with her hands unfold. Look like stroke but could it be other issue? I was puzzled! What had happened to daddy! I never seen him like this before! But I pray and make a cross sign so nothing bad will happen to him. After 2 hours trying to stablize dad, they decide to send him to Hospital Queen Elizabeth, KK.

17th October 2008

I had to rush again back to Telipok Ria, coz I'm using uncle's Udam car that night. Then I use mummy's car right after that because mummy and aunty follow the ambulance to HQE. I fetch daddy's youngest sister at Telipok town and speeding to HQE. Reach HQE about 2am.. Roy and Carol drop by look after us. About 4am, we left HQE and let mummy, aunty Jiwi and daddy's youngest sister, aunty Mary with daddy in ICU. So, I drive alone all the way from KK - Telipok. Mengantuk, penat and worried lingering in my mind and sikit lagi sya mau naik itu land round about sana Bandar Sierra sebab sangat sangat mengantuk.

Sampai rumah, about 5am, I get ready all mummy punya baju, berus gigi and other important stuff for her. Then I take a nap about 1 hour and a half. 6.30am.. After make sure all locked up, I drive to work slowly, still worrying. I left office 12pm sharp, run again to HQE. Tengok daddy, tengah tidur. Mummy says, daddy kena bius. We pray 1 Bapa Kami, 3 kali Salam Maria and 1 kali Kemuliaan and hope God will hear our prayer and hope daddy could wait for another time.

2.15PM, balik keja..heavy rain.. i know God is telling me that daddy is suffering now. About 2 hours in the office, I couldn't take time more longer, left the office around 4.30pm, drove to Telipok Ria, have a rest and a nap for a safe journey to HQE. Me and aunty Therese went to HQE about 8pm.. Daddy still uncontious and I have cry since morning. I'm afraid of losing him..

18th October 2008

Since aunty with me, I had to go home at 12am. Sampai jak rumah.. terus tidur.. penat.. Pengsan.. without clean up.. around 4am.. received call again.. this time.. seem serious.. but I wish daddy hang on a while.. reach HQE.. mummy was cried out loud, kak conie ask me to see dad.. katil daddy bertutup.. I thought doctor tengah trying save daddy's live. Sekali tengok, I was fainted and can't exactly remember what happen after that. When I woke up, I run to daddy's dead body and hug him like I always do. Kiss him like I always geram with him.. huhuhuhu.. i can't type any longer by now.. I can't stop my tears from falling..