Open House at Noy's

credit goes to Roy coz baju paling putih..tapi kasut setahun tak cuci.. ngah ngah..
Wihuuu~ I just came back from Noy’s house at Bandar Sierra.. From the office straight away to her house, about 10mins laa arrive.. Hippie~ Thanks for the invitation gal.. so sweet of you~ Actually I’m still sakit bah.. so didn’t taste the food so good, kelat bah lidah sya.. Huhuhu.. Anway, you all so sweet! Hah, ada si Kay, Roy abang yang penjaat, Al the cool (kunuk! Yakks! Tolong sya AViE!), Isa abang ngah yang sentiasa steady and myself show up! Yeah! (Peace peace) Before me and Isa leave, sempat juga jumpa bakal bakal daling sya .. oppps.. i mean.. daling sya si noy.. ekekeke.. Dear.. jangan salah paham arrr.. OK.. Mumy sms "JANGAN LAMBAT BALIK" wowowow.. sound scary.. so ngam ngam abang isa pun mau balik.. me pun minta diri laa.. 7.30 pm off.. Tonight mau rehat awal sikit.. Jenie did call me up invite to Night out.. but sorry again gals.. this is the second time I had to excuse myself from meeting you all.. Masih sakit bah.. so.. my mum.. kamu faham faham laa.. cepat risau.. so, there always be Next Time kan? You all so sweet though~

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Last but not least.. a picture of me, Noy and hers hehehe..Catch them at