When I addicted to the internet

This what had happened to me since I addicted to the internet..


1. Always stays at home
2. Learn how to manage time wisely
3. I can cook Italian food even my mom don't like cheese
4. Have fun getting tips of beauty and applied to myself (i'm getting fairer!)
5. I save a lot of time rather than going out shopping and get blister
6. Save a lot of credit to call my cousin who is in Swiss now
7. Keep in touch with all my friends in the same time
8. Gather so many information on my assignment (no need to walk to the state library)
9. Watch so many movies without buy a single ticket
10. Listen to all the musics in the world


1. Too much gathering with friends on the net
2. Less exercises
3. I got Panda's eyes
4. Waste money for shopping online
5. Always gets angry when the internet is down
6. Too much of information, takes time to sort it
7. Watch movies too often
8. I have backache!
9. My Friends start saying me "Sombong!" hadoii..
10. Think of buying DSLR.. (haha.. last but not least)

P/s: Sorry for my Engrish!