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Yes, I have been waiting for so long for my BBKK goods! Defoo & Andy, I can feel that your BKK demand is getting higher and you give a postcard of Infinatez only? Kedekut! :p Just kidding. To all who still no idea where to get this good stuff, easy as ABC (Aku Baru Cuba, ahaks! TM), go to WWW.BORNEOUTARA.COM and read the instruction given in that site.
Me and Him
Black Tee for me and him

You just need drop an email to BBKK team, either Defoo aka Alvin or Andy, if you shy with them, you will missed the great oppoturnity to know them! NO need to be formal to write in, just a simple, "Macam mana mau bili ni barang" or "Buli ka sya oder?" questions, something that a Sabahan can understand, no doubt, they will entertain you! If your email is full, SMS (not Short Memory Syndrom ok..) also invited but to ease the process, call in please, hear the voice of ... too hard to describe with words..
Bag & White Baby Tee
Feminine Touch

Still shy to order? Ok, you can go through me but ada pengeras tu kalau dari sya lagi.. eheks.. Anyway, I am planning to put down my next order, anyone who interested to combine with my order, drop me a message ok? To BBKK team, well done guys, this is my testimonial for you. Good idea with Quality material, yes, you will go further, keep it going and create more new ideas. - Girllyen TM

Message From Alvin
Message from Alvin

Face of Me
Satisfied yet not enough!