I Study and I love Texas!

Waty & Jane
Waty (admin) & Jane (Lecturer)

I have a class with Ms Jane Stanislaus in PTW subject. Do you know what is PTW stands for? PTW means Professional and Technical Writing. It is one of Dip. Exec. in Corporate Communication syllabus under UTM SPACE programmes.
Winnie & Hesley (Classmates)

Some of you might ask me, Girl, I thought you already owned a Diploma? Well, learning is a fun things to do though. Even I hate to read but I love too expand my knowledge. Someone ask me, why don't you sit for your degree? Yes, make sense. Why Diploma not Degree? Can you guarantee a degree with a good job? Or a good result? I know my capability and I do not think that I am ready enough for a degree course. Not because of the course or the learning process, but time constraint buddy. I wish I have 24 hours to work plus another 8 hours for resting!
KK Espalanade
Tired face

After class, Ms Jane and I went to KK espalanade (did I spell it right?) Take some pictures and we went to Texas Grill Bar next to Upperstar, in front of Hyatt Hotel.

Texas Grill Bar
Texas Grill Bar

Mixed Grill
Mixed Grill

We order Mixed Grill and we share the whole plate of food. Yummy! We love this place, more to country style and of course the concept more to Texas look. Texas Grill Bar owned by 3 person. Allan, Jason and there is another one person but I forget his name, please accept my apology. We have a short conversation with the owner, Allan and Jason. They are so friendly and good looking too. Jason can bake cake, and he is not a smoker and not a drinker! Can you believe that. Glad I am not single, else.. haha.. manada kaki mau mengurat boss Texas tu.. chiez.. After that, back home and sleep. Hehe.. sambung lagi cerita cerita nanti kio..

Allan interviewed by Jane

Obama Msg
Jane send a message to Obama through Facebook

Jane, Bobby and Jason
Bobby, Jason & Jane

How many people know him?