Reason Why Away

First of all, I would like to apology for not dropping by here. Not that I'm busy with Nikon, but I was busy with Classes, Family Talks and Work! Yaiii! I am a busy lady not a busy body. So sleepy now, just share with you some of the pictures while I was away from blogging. ;) Enjoy~

1 November - 1st Day of Organisational Communication.. Nothing much but I just can't wait to buy prime lens for my baby.. haduh.. pigi fotomat.. the lady say.. OUT OF STOCK.. how come.. uhhuu.. neway.. this is what I grab instead of getting my own prime lens..
HOYA 67mm UV Filter: RM100
ROWA Digital Cleaning set: RM30
Ultra II 4.0GB SD Card: RM 190 (Damn.. Cab just inform me that Shashinki.Com is way cheaper..where u can get RM85 only!!! I should be careful on spending next time)
213 (Large) Nikon Bag: RM72
Nikon 2.0GB SD Card: RM40
Victory 3010 Professional Tripod: RM180

Total: RM600
I assume this passion is a luxurious hobby!

2nd November - All Soul Day, Sembahyang Kuburan, 2nd Class of OC and We Belong Together Bridal Show at 1Borneo
All Soul Day
Chapel St. Petrus, Tampulan

At the cemetery

My Cousin

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Love You Dear