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Return Thanks
26th November 2008 will be 40th days since daddy left us, time running too fast but I am still trying to recover from torturing myself with all the memories we had as a Child, Daughter, Friends and we laugh a lot than others in the family. How could he left me while I am still 23 years old! Life is like that, maybe, maybe not. Tears start falling by now. I just want to drop some sms which I still keep in my phone. I have two numbers, one is Celcom mainly for business use and another one is Digi for personal use only.

*Messages From Celcom SIM*

Jaq @ besfren - Im sory,.siou gee, sa jaln da pi rmh kmu ni.
BG - Be lot of patience to face this very sad moment k...
Aunt BB - Sori gal, sakit ka dia
Aunt BB - Eya kah..sabarlah ah, u must be storing..
James Kupong - Very sorry to hear about your Dad.
Kajirin - Hah apapun kamu kena bnykkn bersabar kerana itu adalh ketentuan takdir setiap manusia yg hidup didunia pasti akan menemui ajal,tuhan lebih sygkn dia.
Dear's Mum - Vera i m so sori 2 hear tat. B patient kio. Tuhan lebih brkuasa ba. Be strong kio
Norzianie - vera im speechless...ur father is a good man.i saw it..byk kan bersabar ok.i know how it's feel..byk kan bersabar.nati kami dtg ok.sya pun mcm tak bole trima but Tuhan memang sayangkan org yg baik...
Tommy Lankan - Omg! Realy sorry 2 hear it. I'll tel mom, realy a shocking news. Where? At home? Funeral?
Joselito Isidto - My condolences 2 u n family
Tommy Lankan - Be strong, God loves&needs him more than us here. He's nw in a peaceful resting place. i knw how it feels loosing someone who is dear n close to us. When funeral?
Cyril Josue - Sorry to hear about the sudden demise of yr father. May he rest in peace. God bless u n family. Cyril n family
Bryan Clemence - Hah btl ba gee..X sempat p lawat dia,gee sya harap ko sabar ah.
Mjj - Ala dui gia...bah kuat kan semagat..
Norzianie - ok.kalo tada halangan kami pigi hari ini.smlm kami myesal jgk tdk p awal2 sedangkan kami d kingfisher beraya..k lah..jaga mummy ko baik2.
Norzianie - ya lah..berdoa saja lah yh mampu kita buat skrg smga smuanya berjalan lancar dn smua dlm keadaan baik wlupn tak sbaik yg kita inginkan.terbayang2 sya muka daddy ko tau.sya pun turut menangis.terasa sprti dia dekat d hati smua yg mengenali arwah..sya ckp serius ni.bila pndgng muka daddy ko pun sprti suda tahu dia seorng yg baik.smoga Tuhan merahmati pemergianya.
Olumis Laling - Odoi, hug, sma sdh kta, condolence ah ling, sy tau ko cdeh ni, kuatkan hati ah
Galangasbaby - condolence to u.. May his soul rest in peace.. Be strong.. I'll pray for u n ur family n also his soul..
Yushaziela - Darling.. condolence for u n patient n owez know that God n us are always there wit u
Dengkos - Sory to hear bout ur dad, condolence from me.
Dear's Mum - Our deepest condolence 2 u n family k.
Dear's Mum - Sometimes, God breaks our spirit to save our soul. Sometimes, He breaks our heart to make us whole. Sometimes, He sends us pain so we can be stronger. Sometimes, He sends us failure so we can be humble. Sometimes, He sends us illness so we can take better care of ourselves. Sometimes, He takes "EVERYTHING" away from us so we can learn the value of "EVERYTHING" we have. Be brave dear
Carol Oolmela - Aduii xsngka sa sabar ko k..Nant sa p uma ko sm roy ada jg sa gtau yg len.May his soul rest in peace..Sa pun sedi hmm.Bgs2 ja ko sna k.
Carol Oolmela - May ur memories gv u strength..And my prayers are owez wif u..-Luv oolmela-
Augustine Yong - Vera, sorry to hear the passing of father. My heart felt condolence to you n your family. -august.
Heidi-LL - Condolences. You have my heart-felt sympathy for the loss of your dad. May his soul rest in peace. Be strong dear. Peace to you and the rest of your family. LL@Heidi
Antos - strong ok..
Siti Raff - n radi feel sori wit ur lost, realy hope u can accepted it well, life goes on..
Yok - ...tabahkan hati..banyakkan berdoa...sya d sini cuma bole bagi dorongan n semangat..sya betul2 minta maaf..sya tidak tau...
Rozely - Hi..ko pa kbr? Sory ah, sy br dpt tau tu news. Harap kamu sbr2 la ah, x sangka jg kan. Sory byk2 ya,x tau pa sy leh buat utk ko.pls send my regards n condolences 4 ur family ya..-rozely,papar
Janetty Riset - My dear fren Veralyn.Im so sorry to hear about ur dad ;( i know it must be hard 4 u n ur family, especially 4 the children to lose their father. Im sure his soul n body are at rest now. He will go 2 a better place w/o pain to rest. My prayers & my thoughts go out to u n ur family. God bless. ~Jennety~
Vanessa Cuz dear - Girl, sorry to knw abt ur late condolences to u n ur family. Im sorry i cnt attend the funeral. May God bless u n ur family n may ur late father rest in peace. If u nit anything, pls x hesitate to let me knw. Take cre.
Fariz - Hi girl..I juz heard d nws..Im sory about it..Sa harap ko bnyk2 sabar ah..N pray to God..God bles..
Daniel Chua - Sorry to hear the passing of your beloved dad. Deepest condolence from me and my family. Pl take care of yourself. Daniel Chua
Daniel Chua - It is not going to be easy. But being eldest, u hv to be strong n be the pillar of strength both to your brothers n mum. All will be fine given time.
Michelle - Sis, ive heard about ur father.. Sory to hear sis.. I hope u will b strng... Condolence to u n ur fmily..
Milchond - Sya br masuk sr.Com. Terkejut tgk to topik..Takziah girll..Sabar ja
Benny Liew - My condolence...b strng...god bless he is safe now..
Aemy - hi vera.. i've jst heard bout wat happen 2 ur family.. i'm sorry 4 ur list.. takziah.. sory sbb x dpt visit kmu.. harap kmu sekeluarga dpt tabahkn hati dg(...)
Fuzz - Huh?. Sorry vera... Takziah. Jan ko sedih aa... Apa jadi mesti ada hikmah.
Marilyn - Condolence from my family to your loss...hope that u be strong n just pray..
Syaedatul - Vera i'm sory 2 hear bout ur dad.Y ko x kestau kami?Jan sedih2 ah.I know how u feel.Take care of ur mum n ur brothers.Wish all d best n may god bless u n ur family.

*Messages from my Digi SIM*

Aldrian Kinajil - Oh my god... Girl i'm sorry...
Aldrian Kinajil - Deepest condolence from both of us..
Marlin - Im so sorry to hear tat... Be strong girl...
Nattelim - Im so sorry... If theres anything i cn do,pls let me knw.i'l pray 4 u n family.may he rest in peace..
William - Moi,bnyk2 besabar, kita terima kenyataan dan bedoa agar roh tenang. Nanti sy blik kk, sy p rmh ko.
Nattelim - Let me knw so sory.ur dad is a gr8 man.
Sue - Hi len,sorry to hear abt ur sympathy goes to u n ur family.u have to b strong k.take care! Sue
Rosley Fadly - Kami akan sapot sis smp bila2.Kstau ja if perlu apa2 k..I luv u sis..
Isa - Girl,sy br t'baca d forum..Takziah utk kami sekeluarga.. Semoga tabah..
Antos - Baru tau 2 news d sr.c,girlly napa daddy..huhuhu..takziah ah..
Dear :-* - OMG.. >:D< cudle tite2.. Dear,m sory 2 hear dat.. B strong k..
Harry Wong - I am so sorry to hear that Vera. My condolences to you and your family. Hope you will be strong to face the future.
Jenie - Dear Veralyn and family, we are completely shocked at the suddeness of the demise of your father. May God give him eternal rest and may her soul rest in peace. Please be strong and accept our condolences. All my sympathy is with you and your family. Regards, Jenie and family
Yushaziela - Darling.. condolence for u n patient n owez know that God n us are always there wit u
Bino - Condolence sis..
EdBen - Sorry for ur losing .. Wil GOD blessing ur all family be strong. Amen...
Dear :-* - Sabar k.. >:D< cudle tite2.. I rili wish m deh.. If i jz can make it.. Plz take care of ur health my dear..
Dear :-* - Yes sweetheart..dun wory k..i take cr so i can get well soon..i want 2 cudle u.. >:D< cudle tite2.. Miss u so much.. Condolence 4rm all us here.. The Gracia..
Harold - Sory 2 hear bout ur dad. Condolences 2 u n ur family. May his soul rest in peace. - Harold n Junko
Didie @ Likas - Im so sory 4 lose. Kc kuat iman n byk bsabar. God bless u all.
Lo Sze Peng - Sorry for your loss.
Antos - baru ja ym sm c noy..dia ucap takziah..[dia teda kredit utk call or sms]
Yvonne Li - Hey dear!sorry to hear about ur lost.cry out all you need n stay strong now s ur family needs u.take great care.*hugs*Everything's gonna be alright.
Evonne - Hi girl.. Baru saja my mum told me on d phone..bru i want to find u. Im sorry 4 your lost.. I rly dunno coz i went camping 2days, bru blk smlm, I blk my aunt hse here penampang. Sorry girl sya tdk sempat p sana.. Condolence 2u n family..
Margaret - Sometimes, God breaks our spirit to save our soul. Sometimes, HE breaks our heart to make us whole. Sometimes, GOD sends us pain so we can be stronger. Sometimes, HE take everything away from us so we can learn the "value" of everything HE gave us...u now know how much God loves u. B strong gal
Antos - Adik pun send condolence dia bg tau..
Chong Foo Yung - Hi dear,very sad to hear what hv happen to u.. Hope u wil ok soon, be strong..
Nater - O.. Neway sy mo ucap takziah. Bw bnyk2 bsabar n doa k.

I have received calls and condolences too.. Thanks to all of you who never stop supporting me.. God bless you and your family.. and please take good care of your health and love ones.. Please join us in 40th Memorial Prayer at our residence in Kampung Tampulan, Telipok, 26th November 2008, Wednesday, 8.00 PM.