Love is not just love..

Love is the best thing in life. Without love, you won't know me, I won't know you. Am I right? Bak kata pepatah melayu, tak kenal maka tak cinta. Some people says that Love is better than Cinta? Hei hei hei.. bukan sama saja kah perkataan tu? As a grown up girl, I used to have so called lover before and yes love does hurts because love is like war, too complicated but when the war end it soothes the air. Love happen everywhere, not only between human, but also to other God's creation.

There are quite a few jokes around us that telling us the different between love now, tomorrow, and after 6 years. I admit, it does happen. Masa mengurat, bukan main lagi, sampai gunung everest sanggup didaki, after married, waah, honeymoon mo dekat 1 bulan, kalau buli tempat yang paling romantik, tidak pun sana Kundasang, atau sana Tg. Aru Resort pigi honeymoon. Then, ada anak sudah, start berkira sudah. Saya kerja bayar bil, kau kerja bayar anak anak punya sikul. People often says, the time change. Love never change actually! It should be neutral! And hope for a better one. Ada sudah anak, di situ lah makin kuat tu perasaan sayang kan? Why need hurt each other? Kenapa mau berkira sangat? Kita ni tinggal di dunia hanya sementara, cherish your love ones. Never ever let your love ones hurt. We are responsible to love them not to hurt them!

My life is about observing life. How life should be? Option? All in your hands, only you can choose where your destination would go. We plan but God will decide what will happen to us. My message is, please love your mother, father, siblings, husband, wife, kids and everybody in the world. Make Love not War.
Me and Him
To my dear, I just want you to know that I love you with all my heart and thanks for loving me. 3 years has passed and even you far away, I keep falling in love with you everyday.

bah.. sudah.. jangan mengutuk sana.. haha.. Well.. as u read through.. Macam sya ada bingung sikit kan? I'm thinking how to start posting all the marvellous pictures I have baini.. haha.. thats all for now..