Passport with Aeron & Derrick

After you read the subject what do expect from that? I also get confused with the subject which I created by myself. Hahaha.. It's about my passport, my cousins Aeron & Derrick. Cousins? Yes, cousin. I know, some of you might say, ya right cousin. The fact is, yes we are ok? :p End of conversation. Haha.. not yet, I still have to tell you what we did yesterday.
2 guys and a lady
Aeron, Derrick & I

The palanduk aka Kancil car of my late dad in the workshop at the moment so I have no car to move around. So, I ask Aeron if he can take me out, thank God and him, he agree to bring me out to make my new passport. He promise to fetch me 9am the night before (sms) but reach my office nearly 10am. It's fine. I'm ok with it. As long as he fetch me up. Thank you so much Aeron Welson. He not alone, Derrick is with him. Don't expect the unexpected ok, we are not alone, Aeron, Derrick and I went to federal.
Waiting for my lucky no 1056

Shy Derrick
Malu malu si boy mau ambil gambar.. haha..

Location: Bangunan Persekutuan & 1Borneo
Time: 10.10am - 02.45pm
Date: 23/12/2008
Doing: Passport, Lunch, Meet Friend, Chatting, PhotoFreak

Serius driver

Derrick & Girllyen
Kanak Kanak Riang beside serious driver..

Arrive there around I did not remember anymore, but quite hard to look for a parking so we had to park near UMS longside and walk to the building. Fill up the form for 32 pages internation passport, the form cost RM1 only, while the whole passport cost me RM300, but if you want to make one, don't forget to bring your birth certificate and IC and make a copy of it. If you forget, there is a photocopy service inside the building as well, but for IC, one copy will cost u RM1 and for A4 size is RM0.50. What say u? Better photocopy from outside isn't it? ;)

Lunch at New York New York

The passport only done after 2 hours, so we have our lunch in New York New York, 1Borneo Hypermall, the nearest we can have our lunch. Guess who I met in 1Borneo, Baxter Bryant, my long lost friend as well. We are very different in figure. Very chubby. Hahaha! I need diet. Please somebody help on my diet please..

Derrick & Aeron
Muka kenyang sudah ni..

Baxter Bryant

Root beer
My drinks - Root Beer Float and a glass of water

About 2pm, we heading back to 'mini pj' for my passport collection. Yes, done. Now I can plan my travel trip for 2009! Yeeehaaaa! ;)

Hitamnya kau bucha!!

Passport Done!