Reunion - One Night in Rumba

As I promised, there will be an update for "Queue Up Sexy" post. My grammar is not good as yours but I hope you still can understand what I'm trying to tell you here. ;) My stories always end up with pictures so you don't have to scan everything in words.


Rumba Grill & Bar, Le Meridien, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Theme: Reunion - Meet up our long lost friends..(More than 6 years or at least!)
Date: 6 December 2008 - Saturday Night Fever
Time: Around 11pm (After our Shell Annual Dinner & Dance at Shangri La, Tanjung Aru)
Location: Rumba Grill & Bar, Le Meridien, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia.
Attended: Eleanor, Cornelia, Sharon & Danielle
Absent: Jenie & Angela

Trio Model

My supergirlfriends!

Before we reached Rumba, Eleanor help to fetch us (dear and I) at Shangri La, Tanjung Aru. I was quite surprised when I found out Cornelia is the one who driving. OK, she's good in driving but still need to practice more (same goes to me). Some safety awareness sharing, use lower gear when you near to roundabout, you might hit by another car if you let the car stopped, and never drive near to the car parked along side. You might lost your side mirror if you too near. I love you all girls.. I won't forget the experience that night. After dropped my dear at waterfront, straight heading to Rumba! (Len drove from waterfront till Rumba..hehe..)

The Drinks

Long Islang, Mohito and ???

We expect to meet Inden aka Sharon, Jenie & Angela, but only Inden show up and I don't know what happen to Jenie and Angela. I hope we can arrange another reunion some other time.

The Band

The Band - Switch Groove

I look like a mother of four kids with them. Need a hard diet on myself. Yes! Tried and failed everytime I see new place to dine! After 6 years, we meet up and, wow, you all still a super babe! Inden.. you still owe me a mp3 cd! Hahaha.. ok.. That was long time ago. Hehe.. My brain seems not working at the moment. Just enjoy some of the pictures and will upload more pictures in my facebook later on. Might late but will do.

Just Swallow

Inden, sorry I forgot to touch up..

Inden, the Manager, Eleanor

Eleanor have a good communication skills


Free Drinks For Us.. Thanks CK..

Ok..No Komen..

Just Dance

Girllyen and Inden

OK.. not a mother ok.. I'm still single..


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Cigar Snack?

Somebody need to explain this.