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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Unsatisfaction Night

Sudahlah sya miss partying with my girlfriends time New Year eve. I missed again gathering with them last night. Sue is back and I can't go out last night. Huhuh.. masih sedih.. but thanks for the MMS sue.. you all look gorgeous.. (but tiada ko dalam pic alaaa...) I just came back from chapel with my cousin here. jam2.30 sembahyang 100days daddy.. I missed dad... huhu..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

That Was My Saturday

Sudah cerita pasal tengok wayang, then saturday come. Actually, memang sudah saturday pun we went home. Right friends? Well, I was so damn sleep still but I woke up around what was the time, around 6 I guess, feel a bit dizzy but my mind still thinking of going to work or dot dot dot. Hahaha! So I choose to go dot dot dot. I mean, jalan jalan with friend. I go and meet Edith at City Mall, malas mau p KK, mesti jam punya even sana Kolombong also jam panjang! Tapi sampai jugalah City Mall, before I decide to see Edith, I already sms Disie to go out that afternoon, but she said she only free after 3pm. Sya jumpa la Edith dulu, pas her the Wedding picture and have our lunch at Old Jesselton Chicken Rice. The food just nice and quite affordable too.

So, the waiter give us the menu

Edith is thinking what to have..

Finish! Haha.. forgot to capture the food because we were too hungry
Old jesselton

Owh, there was a coloring contest in city mall that day

Look so professional oo.. wear glove some more..

Around 3pm ++, Aldrian called, they were in City Mall, I send Edith sampai car park then I meet them. Tapi yang sedihnya tu, ATM out of service, do you know that there is only one ATM in City Mall, very not convenient. So, we ended going to 1Borneo after that. We eat, we enjoy the lion dance and we shop! Share with you some of our activity there. ;) Enjoy the pictures ok. Malas mau menaip panjang panjang, I know you all like photos more than words.

Sushi time!

Aldrian was looking at the moving sushi.. haha..

Here is the bill sir..

Then we walk out the restaurant and drop at the centre atrium to watch lion dance ;)
Lion Dance

After that we went to Tune Shop and shop something here.. ehehe..

okay.. which one I should take.. this one or the other.. owh.. this one at the back is nice.. shopping can make u sick sometime..

I love KATE eyeliner.. hihi..

Cinta si Aldrian ni.. jangan kacau.. :D

and guess who I met in 1Borneo? Yes, she is my good friend Polina and her newly baby girl.. so sweet..

si abang long (Roy) pun ada juga di 1B.. haha.. and.. yes..Jeff.. He was there.. *wink*

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Late Night Movies - Bedtime Stories

1) 1Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
2) Alam Mesra, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
3) Mc Donald, Shell Sulaman, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Date/Time: 16th January 2009 (09:00 PM) - 17th January 2009 (03:00AM)

I think it's time to reduce rumba moment. Hahaha, u know what I mean. So, we come up with an idea to watch movies together at 1Borneo, who are we? Well, me, Sharon aka Inden and her niece, Eleanor aka Len, Cornelia aka Corn, Derrick aka Boboy, Preastie aka Bino and his sweetheart Julieta aka Ondong and Melvin aka Ben. Velarry aka Yeye should come but maybe he's busy at that time so we just go on even we wait him until late night movies. The movie start at 9.15pm, but due to some circumtances, we decided to watch 11.20pm shows.


While waiting, we went to Best Eyewear at lower ground, they promote some good deals for the lover glasses and lens. So cheap you know. No kidding, glasses and sunglasses, all in (lens & frames), price range from 138-168 only. Hei.. you better go if you wish to have one. The promotion last until further notice. :) I bought 3 boxes of lens which cost me Rm120.


Inden's niece is a kacukan girl, and very friendly also! I was talk about the 6 years old girl. Hehe.. very funny when she was arguing about how she sweating because of too much talking while we were not. We sat at McD having this arguement. She was drinking hot milo, maybe that's why she was sweating. After several hours, we went up again to buy our tickets.


So, 9 tickets overall. We booked the whole row. There was one more extra chair which should be Yeye on it. The movie was super gila laa, I was sitting next to Eleanor and Inden's niece. And we laugh out loud. So sorry with the other movie watcher, we were too loud. Hahaha.. Adam Sandler rocks! Len and I learn how to speak British after the movie ends. Syok!


Not home yet after the movie end. We were trying to look for a toilet, somebody cannot tahan liao. Tapi all closed, even some of the exit door closed! We tried to look for supper at Alam Mesra, but the last cafe also just about to close. Macam kami unwelcome ba. Poor us. So, ended to McD at Shell Sulaman. I had hot milo and fries only. Guess who join us supper? Zack Jr aka Onot. We had fun and no one sober that night. Looking forward more activities like this :)


Every moment, there will be my favourite pic, and again Corn was the chosen one! ;)



Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sex Risk Married or Not

Not Married

GF: Darling, I think I’m pregnant!

BF: Have you buy the pregnancy test and test it?

GF: No, but I’m late for my menstrual.

BF: Go and seek doctor, I’m working now, talk with you tonight. (hang up)
Wife: Darling, I think I’m pregnant!
Husband: When did you check?
Wife: No, but I’m late for my menstrual.
Husband: We go and the doctor later ok, I ask my boss to go off early. Love you darling.

Some boyfriend, they are responsible, but most of them only begging for it but once pregnant? He run away or the bad things happen, abort the child, be responsible laa, berani buat berani tanggung. What say you? How many of you agree sex before marriage is good? Why? Or maybe you can share a little bit of your experience?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am Good, You are Bad

I heard about people talking about my life these few days. They said to their friends, "Girl have missed church this few weeks", "She's now have new friends", "Ui si Girl skrg sana Rumba saja tu", "Napa si Girl kuat jalan sudah tu?", "sejak daddy dia tiada, jalan saja dia tu, sedih kono" this was the worst statement I ever heard, please don't try my patience. Frankly, I did received some greetings like "Rumba Girl", "Clubber", "Kaki Club, and "Sexy" instead of a simple "hi or hello" greetings.

People, please stop judging people. Are you perfect enough to judge me? Or even my friends? FYI (to whom this post concern), we are not clubbers yet kaki club whatsoever! Please stop mentioning my sorrow! I love my dad if you still want to mention it, I hope you lost your dad too.. better than seeing you judging and keep saying my late dad. My social life should not involved my family background.

Maybe some people prefer not to go out at night like us but it does not shows that we are bad and all the people who stays at home are good. We just have fun our life and not being lazy staying at home. Very sorry, but we born hyperactive and we need more laughing, dancing, singing and networking. Then our life will balance it all. However, I never said that all the people who not going out are lazy. It just that, I felt people who cannot stop differentiate bad and good people are the worst people in the world!

Thousand apology too all, I might sound rude but I hope everything going to be all right. I love my family and friends and I will protect them as long as I live.


Runaway or I will hit you..

Tagged Games: Handwriting

I got Tagged! Ya, tagged by Laling Olumis.. Sampai rumah jak, sya online terus sya nampak tu message.. Laling.. ko kana tag ah.. berani ko tag sya laling.. ok.. Sebelum sya busy.. Sya terus ambil tu planner sya.. p muka surat yang paling belakang and try writing using my right hand. It's not hard actually to do this, just grab A Piece of Paper and A pen! That's all.. and start writing as per rules below:

1. Write Your name/ identification name / username etc.
2. Write anything using either your left/ right hands
3. Most favorite alphabets
4. Less favorite alphabets.
5. "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
6. Tag 6 more persons/ bloggers. (I choose this lucky 6 to, Eleanor, Cornelia, Inden, Newton, Tompok and Gidong)


Done! Hope you all enjoy the fun as I do! ;)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just For Laugh

I just want to share with you all with one of the picture I took last night where I feel funny with Bino and Len act in the picture. They remind me of the cartoon Cow and Chicken.. And I really edit them into one of the cow & chicken wallpaper here. Hahahahahahahahah! Gosh.. I'm very sorry guys. I have no intention to ruin ur reputation. If you feel humilated, let me know and I will delete this post immediately, but I think this is way too cool for me. Hope you don't mind. Seriusly, this is an ART only? Okay?

Dance 1

They remind me of this..

Dance 2

Just Dance.. gonna be okay.. dududumm.

Dance 3

Ok.. i know it's not funny.. but you two make me laugh and I almost lost my voice today!

So Saturday - Finally

As promised, our date having breakfast at the restaurant in front of the All Saint's school accomplished. To Eleanor & Cornelia, sorry for making you all waiting, I woke up early but I didn't expect some 'morning extra wishes' on that day. You know what I mean, at least I woke you all up! Haha.. I am not going to elaborate more on what I did yesterday, only some points before I share pictures below.

Around 7-9 : Date with the girls, attended, Eleanor, Cornelia, Inden and I..
Around 9-2.30 : Continue walk with Inden, went to Menara Jubilee, Wisma Merdeka look for new glasses but ended buying dress, Wisma Karamunsing
Around 2.30 - 3.30 : Meet Cikgu Matlan Daraim, my former Lukisan Kejuruteraan teacher when I was in Teknik Likas, and concidently meet Gidong, Bobby and Roy.
Around 3.30 - 5.00 : Still in Karamunsing, walk to the toilet and look for black belt but didn't found one, and go home.
Around 5.00 - 9.30 : At home, resting at Telipok Ria (Grandma's house), sms and sleep a while.
Around 9.30 - 2.00 : Way to Rumba Grill and Bar, Le Meridien, Kota Kinabalu with Bino and Melvin. Meet up with Derrick, Velarry, Cornelia, Eleanor, Inden, Sing Yee and Onot.

There were some of my 'first time' while I was enjoying yesterday.

First Time no 1: Park at Shopping Mall, I never parked the car inside a shopping mall, seriusly.
First Time no 2: Get out early in the morning just to meet up my girlfriends.
First Time no 3: Walk from 6 - 6!! 12 hours walking! Ok? I'm tired yet fun and memorable.
First Time no 4: Club without touch up, no make up, only lip gloss.
First Time no 5: Eat at Rumba. Hehe..

It was a memorable night, I enjoy myself and hope you all enjoy your night too. After this, I had to say sorry that I could not join the fun for 2-3 months, my class will start next week. Please don't seduce me with all your sweet words ok? Hahah! This is a warning. :p :p

kedai kopi seng long
The Breakfast Crew

Camwhore at kedai kopi

I was there ok?

So you two just woke up?

She tried all the glasses but ended buying a dress?

While we having lunch at RCH.. guess who we met?

Ya..ya.. it's Gidong, Bobby and Roy

Tacos @ Rumba - super delicious

After 2 hours waiting for Derrick.. u're late..

Some observation..

Ladies First..

And then the Gentlemen..

Line up everyone... hei! Where is Onot??!!

KE Next Top Entertainer - Copy from Sumpitz

Kepada anda yang berbakat menyanyi dan menghibur, serta berumur antara 17 dan 35 tahun pada 1 Januari 2009, Kadus Entertainment akan menganjurkan pertandingan 'KE Next Top Entertainer' di mana hadiah-hadiah lumayan menanti anda!
Tarikh tutup penyertaan adalah pada 30 Januari 2009. Borang penyertaan boleh didapati dari Pusakag Cafe Donggongon, Ace Club Bukit Padang dan Chempaka Square Penampang, Ligo Music Centre di CKS Donggongon, Centre Point dan Inanam atau dari website Kadus Entertainment di
Maklumat lanjut serta peraturan mengenai pertandingan 'KE Next Top Entertainer' boleh didapati dari website Kadus Entertainment di atau dengan menghubungi individu-individu berikut:
① MARK (0168021500) ② JASONJAY (0168461914) ④ GOGDS (0195305512)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Food Lover: Serve Pork Corner 1

kedai kopi seng long
Come on over: Kedai Kopi Seng Long
What you get: A must have noodles soup or konlomen, the rich soup and they taste of fresh fish and pork, prawn and healthy vege inside. I am sure you will feel full for the rest of the day!
How it hit: Always full, be early or else you have to wait before you get a seat.
Location: In front of SM All Saints, Likas, Kota Kinabalu.
Operating hours: From 6am until the noodle finish, sometime up to 10am only because once finish they will packed their things and other people will start selling their chicken rice under same shop.
Price range: RM4 and above.
Mi Sup

I'm starving now.

OK, we've all had a blasting week since end of last year. While it's alright to enjoy our free drinks and share the dance floor. Let's think of other thing beside alcohol and late night enjoyment first. How about breakfast? There is a Chinese proverbs says, early bird always get his worm, so my girlfriends and I choose to have our 1st breakfast together for the year of 2009. Anyone who would like to join us, come but bring your own money ok? Meet you all there! Owh, it's 7am sharp, this saturday, 10 January 2009. Somebody working on Saturday. *wink* Due to some misunderstanding, we might change the venue, but we still meet up in front of SM All Saints shop lots. ;) Which restaurant? Will discuss about it later.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Friendship or Friendshift?

Some pictures sharing
Do you still remember when you are still a little kid, play with other children in a playground? Have you missed your induction week during high school? Remember the time when Saturdays were all about your friends? Chill out in a coffee shop or 'mamak' stall for a cup of 'teh tarik' talking about the handsome guy pass your table with a wink and catch your attention? Do you realized that we making new friends everyday?
While making new friends, would you like to lose your old friends? As we getting older, we all intend to change our lifestyle, from a high school teenager, to a serious student, casual part time worker, and maybe a professional by now. You like it or not, you will meet new people and slowly leave your best friends, without you realizing it. Some are intentionally leave but most of them were not, like me! I never neglected my friends, I love all my friends as how Jesus love his children, but I am not Jesus, I am one of his children and we all shared the same status. Children of God. Satan best friends too!
Paris & Girl
Friendship is like a telephone conversation. The conversation begin with a simple 'hi' and always ended with 'bye'. Often return calls. Unless the contact number change, then you lost contact! Notice that I have been meeting all my old friends this few weeks not by their ages but the period of time. I learn that, no matter how far you go and lost urself in the jungle, I am sure you will find your way back home. And the home will make sure you are protected from the sun and rain. Did I sound scary tonight? Too much 'flower line' for me. I just tried to get the picture how a friendship look like. No one want to be alone for the whole life isn't it?
Me Lelen
carol n me
I had a big fight last night, not quite, it is not a fight but some miscommunication with my dear which almost to an end. Glad, I still manage to control my anger and think at the bright side. Last night takes me into a wider mind of thinking. Why we always can't tolerate with our boyfriend? Look at ur best friends, sometime can be irritating. There will be one who always be there for you, but once they moved to another place or maybe starts their study, no more sms or even calls, they, who never forget ur birthday suddenly missed and only remembered after saw your little celebration birthday party pictures in Facebook or Friendster. But do you pissed off and kick them out? You may mumbling, grumble a little but reply with 'it's ok bah', 'I understand'.
Love Me
In a relationship, friendship rules should apply in love. The only problem I experienced was, when you treat him like a friend, he might treat you like his friends too. Despite off the kissing part and pampering moment, he still treat you like 'I can take care of myself in the future' and forgot about the 'commitment' of being together! Soulmate? Dead! I am confused when talks about relationship but this is happening. You try to make things right, but always ended with failure and frustration. Life is not a rehersal, whatever step you make will be the path where you will be going. You can't turn back and say, owh sorry, I took the wrong way.
Dear Me
To all my beautiful and gorgeous friends, sorry for being irritating and annoying all the time. Time is damn expensive nowadays and I just cant afford to share with all of you. Believe me, all of you will remain in my heart, Always, Never Forgotten. Love, Girllyen.