I am Good, You are Bad

I heard about people talking about my life these few days. They said to their friends, "Girl have missed church this few weeks", "She's now have new friends", "Ui si Girl skrg sana Rumba saja tu", "Napa si Girl kuat jalan sudah tu?", "sejak daddy dia tiada, jalan saja dia tu, sedih kono" this was the worst statement I ever heard, please don't try my patience. Frankly, I did received some greetings like "Rumba Girl", "Clubber", "Kaki Club, and "Sexy" instead of a simple "hi or hello" greetings.

People, please stop judging people. Are you perfect enough to judge me? Or even my friends? FYI (to whom this post concern), we are not clubbers yet kaki club whatsoever! Please stop mentioning my sorrow! I love my dad if you still want to mention it, I hope you lost your dad too.. better than seeing you judging and keep saying my late dad. My social life should not involved my family background.

Maybe some people prefer not to go out at night like us but it does not shows that we are bad and all the people who stays at home are good. We just have fun our life and not being lazy staying at home. Very sorry, but we born hyperactive and we need more laughing, dancing, singing and networking. Then our life will balance it all. However, I never said that all the people who not going out are lazy. It just that, I felt people who cannot stop differentiate bad and good people are the worst people in the world!

Thousand apology too all, I might sound rude but I hope everything going to be all right. I love my family and friends and I will protect them as long as I live.


Runaway or I will hit you..