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Papar Old Road

After my first post for the year of 2009, I take my first bath and get ready to Papar, visit my cousins at Kg. Simpudu, Papar. It was a sudden plan, I suggest the year before (31st December 2008) with mom and she agree with it. We left home around 1pm afternoon. We drop at Thien Thien at Papar Town, have our lunch and buy some groceries at Chon Nyen Fatt (sorry if I spell it wrong) before reach my cousin house. In the mean time, I sms to Soscho aka my cousin suggest to go Summer Bay late afternoon. Seems that everything just pop out my mind and we just do it!
@ Summer Bay - Tito, Abang, Titit, Oyo and Ingkok

Yea! I'm ready for the sea after a long time

I enjoyed myself at Melinsung beach, swiming with the sibling and cousins are very good sports! It brings happiness to me even I was buried by them in the sand! (Ok, I know my english is bad) After a tiring day fighting and shouting with the sea wave, safely back Simpudu and take our dinner together that night.
Hehehe.. censored sikit..

Yes! I was on leave on the 2nd of January 2009. Again, without planning, we extend our stay at Papar (where we should sleep for one night only). I woke up late that day, almost afternoon. Haha! But, no bad news from the office or even a missed call. What did I do on this day aah, urm.. let me think first.. Owh! I watch some movies in my pc, just like a movie marathon, haha!

Then again, I had to go to the office on 3rd January, I had to do a stock count. I drove from Papar to Sapangar Bay alone for the first time! Yea! I did it. That was the furthest point I ever drive myself to. Haha! Morning jammed, crazy cars and beautiful sunshine. Sometime it soothes my soul. Yuks! What the heck am I talking about here. Working during the day, have during the night.

Again! Just Do It! A sudden plan, invitation to a blast at Rumba, I missed the new year eve but I had a blast this time. I am drunk (I think), I have not taken my lunch and dinner but sip away 1 glass of Pina Colada, 1 glass of Magarita and several glass of Chivas with Coke. The plan is going out with the cousins, Bino and Ben, and special invitation to Corn & Len, Inden, I heard u had to miss the blast this time, nevermind we did your dance that night..ahah! Owh.. not forgetting Bucha, Boboy, Adrian and all who happen to be at our table.. haha..

Me, Len, Corn
Girl, Len & Corn

Peace Out
Peace Out

Where are you two going?

After a dizzy session, Ben treat me double cheeseburger from McD. Thank you Ben! Bino, thanks for the ride also, we all reach home safely. (i lost one of my contact lens.. ntah mana sya kasi hilang satu tu.. hahah!)
Nite Out
Thanks for the memories

As today, 4th January 2009, I woke up early, sober, but still remember whatever happen last night. Have maggi ayam in the morning and a 3 in 1 Coffeemix. Mom fetch me at Telipok Ria where we going to attend a funeral somewhere at Kg. Tambalugu, Tuaran. Mom ask me to drive. Wargh! Actually I'm the laziest person driver in the world. After the funeral, we went to SMC lagi, visit Bapa Tua, then to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, pastu p makan.. pastu.. pulang.. Now, at home, update blog. Tired! And I'm tense up with tomorrow! Back to school season! Jammed and jammed.. and I think all already know that we need to buckle up even we sit at the back. Never thought of sleeping at the back again.