Tagged Games: Handwriting

I got Tagged! Ya, tagged by Laling Olumis.. Sampai rumah jak, sya online terus sya nampak tu message.. Laling.. ko kana tag ah.. berani ko tag sya laling.. ok.. Sebelum sya busy.. Sya terus ambil tu planner sya.. p muka surat yang paling belakang and try writing using my right hand. It's not hard actually to do this, just grab A Piece of Paper and A pen! That's all.. and start writing as per rules below:

1. Write Your name/ identification name / username etc.
2. Write anything using either your left/ right hands
3. Most favorite alphabets
4. Less favorite alphabets.
5. "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
6. Tag 6 more persons/ bloggers. (I choose this lucky 6 to, Eleanor, Cornelia, Inden, Newton, Tompok and Gidong)


Done! Hope you all enjoy the fun as I do! ;)