Fall in Love like never before

When two lovers come together, their brains begin to ‘fall in love.’ Alike the ‘Love at the first sight’, men always want to be a woman’s first love while a woman like to be a man’s last romance. Anyone does not like to be love? We are all born for love. The great creatures made by God. Just like Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliet, Tarzan and Jane? Let me share my first trial in this thing called love, I thought it would be like having your favourite chocolate and eat it like you never had it before. Among the chocolate, there are some didn’t taste good as it should be, even the same chocolate brand and flavour.

the church

The Wedding : 14 February 2009 : St. Joseph Papar


The vows

Wmimie and Kenny

Now you may kiss the bride

Today, I learned that no matter how bad and bitter the chocolate is, once you get the right one, never let it go, you might ended starving! O yea, I love to relate food and my life. It’s me, myself and food. Hahaha~ Just kidding. Anyway, just want to wish you all a happy valentine’s day hope it’s never too late. To my special one, my only dear who is in Lahad Datu all this while, to be with you had gives me strength, even you far away from me; you were always in my heart. Love you so much dear.


The cousin : 14 February 2009 : Kg. Simpudu, Papar


The bestfriend : 14 February 2009 : St. Joseph Church, Papar

Ivon and Jeff

The model & make up artist : 14 February 2009 : St. Joseph Church, Papar

So it was Valentine’s day and I decided to attend my uncle and my friend wedding at St. Joseph, Papar. As usual, my mainly job is taking pictures, smile and greet all the new people I meet, walk around the crowd and shoot wherever I like. There were two couples get married in the same church. Fascinating, I love wedding gowns and the bride’s and groom’s smiles. Happiness indeed fears of marriage. And I just can’t wait to try the wedding gowns soon.

The wedding

Roland & Geraldine : 14 February 2009 : St. Joseph, Papar

After the blessing ceremony, group photo shoots, we were heading to the bride’s groom at i-dont-remember-the-place (is it balalait?). It was hot sunny day, and I was sweating like a coke just come out from a refrigerator and place near the microwave oven. Almost half of the crowd were from Tuaran and *sigh* did see any cute/handsome guy there. Most probably my heart has been taken, then so hard for my eyes to download some gorgeous guy. ;)


The gorgeous guy I found so far ;)

Too bad I have to leave the wedding early because my brother have this ‘red eyes’ disease but indeed heading to KK and spread his disease to the bad people in the city. Haha! We jumped to Tongs to look for something good but I ended trying some clothes and hang it back to the proper place. I bought my new futsal shoes. What?! Futsal? Since when I start play futsal? Well, nothing impossible for me. Hehehe.. it’s time to get healthy~!


The meals : 14 February 2009 : KFC, Wisma Merdeka


My Brother (Vittorio Mario) : 14 February 2009 : KK Espalanade, in front Wisma Merdeka


The shoes : bought @ Bata, Wisma Merdeka : RM49.90


Image printing : 14 February 2009 : Wisma Merdeka, KK


Last but not least, Eliantos! :D