7th March 2009 - Outing with Keziah [DRAFT]

Everyday is the new day. I ever said to my long lost friend, there is no point to be sad while the other half is happy living. So, why worry? Have fun and enjoy God creation! ;) (I have been repeating saying this line actually but still ended with negative mind.. Be more alert this time)

It has been busy the whole week and I was preparing myself to meet my long lost idol. (Uwekss!!! Mau muntah sya!) Keziah, I never say this, but since primary school, I feel that you have a unique face with a cute smile even you have chinese look. Honestly and please don't say a word. So, I told my colleague I won't come to work on saturday (7 March 2009) because I already planned to go out with Keziah J. Joenoi.. (ahhahaha.. sorry for exposing ur identity here) Who is Keziah anyway? Will be update soon.. ;)