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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

8th March 2009 - Sirung Sumandak

This few days, I had a huge thinking session with myself. What I like actually? What type of person actually I am? And, how often I enjoy my life rather than doing something I prefer not to do? I left all the devil and angel thought to some adventurous activity. Basically, not so adventure but active can be the right word to define all the activities I have done this few days. Despite of working and stressing out. I spent my weekend time with family and the new 'V' in our family if you know what I meant. First I plan to excape ourself to Kudat, but unfortunately my cousin at Papar could not make it due to unexpected circumstances. However, we change our plan and try my uncle suggestion to explore the waterfall of the low profile place namely 'Sirung Sumandak' which is located somewhere in Papar, Sabah.








Look like not interesting huh? But, we never know what is waiting on top of this.


Yea, they were ready to go..


So refreshing isn't it? But, the bad news is, we didn't manage to get up due to heavy rain.


Nevertheless, we change our plan, go to Melinsung beach instead.


Beware of jelly fish.. My advice is.. never go for a swim after the rain especially in the afternoon.


- The End -


cornelia charladine said...

ui bebeh, new car ka?
*big grin*

santik tu sungai dia oO..
and as usual, u capture nice photos. ")

p/s i heart photos yg di sungai tu.. btw, sepa ka 2 org model2 itu? Ahaks..

Isa said...

ooo.. ini tmpt dkt jalan kimanis-keningau kan?

GregChai said...

foto yang last two - yang ada dua orang lompat, menarik la, i like it :D

i n d e n said...

girll!! cantik tu pics!! which i believe are ur bros? lol. smart oh! sia pun mau terabang2 atas air macam dorang. kekekeke.


Velarry Suan said...

WAH! Ada dolphin puLa d meLinsung kan!? wakakkaakkakakkakk!!!!

Velarry Suan said...

Wahh!!! ada dolphin puLa d Melinsung kan!? wakakakkak!!!

Girllyen 'TM' said...

Corn.. erm.. ya.. tapi mom yang pakai.. uhuuu.. ya.. cantik sungai dia.. tu 2.. one is si abang aka Vittorio.. satu lagi tu si Tito aka Sacramento.. haha~

Isa.. Yupp! Tapi jauh lagi mau jalan tu.. :)

Greg.. memang menarik.. tapi kesakitan tu dorang kna hampas laut..

Inden.. ya.. bro and cousin.. hehe.. bah.. mari sya gmbr ko terabang.. hahahah!

Velarry.. if ko mo jadi dolfin pun ok juga ;)

Fharelynne said...

uiii girl! hahaha!nda tau pula adik ko tu ada talent terbang2 atas air..hahaha!!
Love all those pix cuz!

Qhris said...

sy pikir sirung betul2 ni wakkakaakaa....kana tirik sy :P

Girllyen 'TM' said...

Cuz.. cuba kita terbang gitu.. hahaah.. mesti ganjil tu..

Laling.. memang betul ba tu.. ko ni.. hahahah~

Velarry Suan said...

Temau jadi dolphin.. sa mau jadi shark.. :P

word verification : dedicat

chegu carol said...

mcm mystery betul tu sirung sumandak...some more, tia habis ko kasi reveal tu tempat. looks tempting mau pi picnic sana ni....