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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Are you stress? (Explicit Content 21sx)

I am stress.

The confussion created when one's mind overrides the body's basic desire to choke the living daylights out of somebody who desperately need it. (Even this line make me stress)

Stress can lead you to..

Stress yummy

Opps sorry, I was thinking of having one.

Depression - feeling lonely and may lead sex without protection or masturbate. (21SX)

Talk to the phone without dialing in

Pulling off our hair
Pulling off you hair down

Or the worst part.. Commit suicide..
We are stress.. please eat us..
How to cope with stress? Share your thought here.


::Sarah:: said...

Sungguh berinformasi blog post anda inei..LOL!

Smart oo Girl...Bahaya oo picture number 1..nanti teroverdose gersang..Hehehehehehehe...=))

markiekadus said...

hahahaha... i like this one...

Stress? ko stress? nyanyi-nyanyi. biar saja tu urang sekeliling... wakakakaka...

Selalu kalau sia stress, sia tatap nyanyi, biar pun sumbang mambang... wakakakaka

Fharelynne said...

Girl, i like ur stressed picture tu..ahaha..
Baru saja saya stress kemarin,i mean really stressed out ni..what i did, i went to a bookstore, took my sweet time there and i felt relieve seeing all those books. *pelik tapi benar*

I think the best thing to do when u r stress is doing something u enjoy doing..related to ur hobbies..hehe

Jill said...

Out and take photos - I guess this is the best option! :)

Stress is something we human created it. So, to even it. Do something that you love the most. :)