Confessions of a shopaholic

Are you a shopaholic too? Confess now or die. Just a minor threat for you. Trick or threat? Forget it, it's not Halloween yet. Opps, it's insanely fun but please do not use those credit cards to shop! Seriously. Have you watch the movie yet? Well, I did! From a DVD actually. I do not like to tell how the movie going on but girls, you have to watch it. Especially those who love to shop. Give your money to the charity or helps the poor people. Preferable, get a job. Go and watch it, a motivational movie for me. Mom, I promise I won't shop for nothing again. I will pay all my debt and enjoy food and movies only. Hihihi.. (now, please produce another movie namely confessions of a movie-holic, confessions of food-holic or whatsoever holic) Just kidding.
Whenever I eat, the world getting better
I had that in here on last saturday (21/03/09) somewhere in Tuaran.

Since I cannot sleep tonight, I ended myself by sitting in front my laptop staring at my broadband and thought of updating something which you are reading it now. Slap me on my face as I think I'm half awake but yet to sleep. How many times I have been promising posting more pictures? So, there you are, some of the activities I did in the couple of days in the month of March. Sorry for keep myself busy, indeed the work kept me busy all the time. Trust me. I lie. The truth is, I am. Can u figure that out? Because I nearly failed my math. If you get confused, you just get indirectly caught of abnormal minded in the middle of the night without you realizing that I am make your life complicated. Hahahaha.
This one.. I dont quite remember the date.. but..
this is was my 1st night photo with Sumardi, Isa, Zico, Jusdy and others.

I told you that Race to Witch mountain was super-best. Hence, I watch it again for the second time on Wednesday with Nattelim. I heart Dwayne very much. I wish he can have supper with me now. A night before wednesday which was on Tuesday, I watched 'Taken' with ben at GSC, o yea, itu pun best juga o. I have no idea why I love the cinema nowadays. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures, and thanks for all your comments. To the professional, sorry for my grammar and I will try to improve to a better one. Hope the book I buy just now help me a lot in emailing to my bosses too.

Aaa.. this is tg.Badak again..
Clear water
See the clear water..
I was tempting to swim but I didnt bring any extra shirt.. damn..
BBQ is my new hobby
The Unexplainable behaviour
and again
bino and ben
And they were talking about football?
This is the book I bought @ Times. Cost me RM70.35 Bloody expensive