Sexy Jeans Party @ Rumba

Friday night theme party held in Rumba again. I wore something casual and enjoyed the night with Ben, Disie, Sharon, Derrick, Velarry, Ardee & Onot. Corn & Len could not make it on that day. Tired I guess. ;) Nevertheless, I have fun without taking even 1% alcohol. I'm clean. (At least) I would like to apologize to Ben as he wait for me almost 1 hour, I am very sorry. We reach Rumba around 11.30pm and hits the club and the crowd just ok. There were some competition held that night like lip sync contest for the man and best catwalk for the ladies. Rumba closed at 2pm as me, onot and ben waiting for the rest outside the club, took some 'fresh' air. Ardee has left us earlier and went to R&B, Penampang. Around 3am, ben and I leaving home as well but drop at McD, Sulaman, bought something for our stomach. Thanks to Ben. Some pictures for sharing here.

Disie - Huge thanks to her for spend us 4 bottle of wine that night
Velarry with his sinful T-shirt
Zack ;)
This is Ardee - last time was nike.. tonight is Adidas..
The baldy Aeron - I like!
Derrick, Ben, Sharon and I
Muncung's Obsession - Mr DJeremy