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Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunny Pumping Day

Din: So, bila kita mau jalan ni?
Me: (Silent)
Zeno: Ya.. bila?
Zool: Bah, p tanjung badak la (excited mode).
Me: (Looking at them with '?' face)

Indeed, it happen yesterday. Will update the whole story soon. Some pictures taken using my Compact Digital Camera - Samsung L73.

Tg. Badak


Guess what is he doing?


GregChai said...

wah nice shot macam kung fu spin oh

DaOne Who Was Here said...

bukan tuu ja.....nice view woo... i like the seaside view wo...

DaOne Who Was Here said...

smart tuuu seaside view suka woo...

sweet-girlicious said...

uiiii brake dance ka tu atau kungfu hustle...hahahaha

Girllyen 'TM' said...

Greg..KungFu spin ka.. ekeke..
Daone.. Ya i like it too! Very!
Fionz.. sya pun tidak tau what is he trying to be.. panda or lizard..

Fharelynne said...

looks like some sort of Capoeira..hehe