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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love hurts..

He was talking on the phone..
I was 5 meter from him..
Still waiting for him..
He still laughing on the phone..

I tried to attract him..
But seem he enjoy the conversation..
I sms him after failed to attract him..
He read my sms after ended the conversation..

He enter the car..
I give a sweet smile..
He smiled to me back..
I feel warm but not welcome..

I drive and ask whose calling
he said friend - a guy
I test him - let me see
He refuse..

It's hurt..

We chat we look at each other eyes..
I can't find me in his eyes..
I feel strange..
I stop..

We move to other place..
I try again..
And I can't imagine
How the other girl looks like?

I send him home..
The clock ticking..
But I feel so slow..
I should be home early..

He is home..
I was confused..
I hate but I have no choice..
I'm dilemma..

It's hurt..

I can't sleep..

It's hurt..

I can't focus..

It's hurt..

All because of Love..

and it's hurt..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Outing @ Melohom Bay - Preview

Okay, I cannot sleep, so I reduce the size some of the pictures I took last Sunday for your view. There are group photo, couple and single! Stay tuned for more pictures! By the way, all the picture have been reduced to 72 Resolutions with 600px width only. Beside downsizing and paste in the watermark, no touch up, no color edited, sorry if the pictures not as what you expected.

Location: Melohom Bay Island, Sabah Park.
Date: 26 April 2009
Time: 8am - 4pm

We are
The Group Photo

KK Park
early in the morning

Just Arrived
Just Arrived

Behind the scene - the Hot man!

Yea! Jump together!

Through underwater lens..

Couple 1
Just Pair them

Sweet Smile
Sweet smile ;)

The Real Couple

The Single
The Single

Single again
The Single but not available :D

Ok.. really need my sleep now. Good night everyone~ ;)

Monday, April 27, 2009

My First Singapore Visit

I know it's kinda outdated, but my BFF ask me, where is my Singapore story? Maybe I'm just too excited up to the point I forgot to share what happen during my runaway day to Singapore for 3 days and 2 night only. Actually not exactly 3 days, but what to do, Air Asia only provide night flight to Singapore only and I do not have any option.
my ticket
I book the flight on 6th of March 2009, without planning to go but since Air Asia offer a good deal, why not I try? In the mean time, one of my BFF is working in Singapore so less 'jakuns' and save more 'lost' moment. The truth is, we did lost on my last day in Singapore. *Chuckles* Maybe a sign for me not to go home that early! For your information, that was my first time out of Malaysia. I have dream of traveling around the globe even fly to the moon.


Before I went through the security check, I change my money to S$ at the money changer at the airport, 1.5k MYR = 634 SGD only! Fly from BKI is a very nice experience. The sunset is very mesmerizing, hope I spell it right. You'll not enjoy the view of Singapore on air, but the lights of the country makes you feel wow, how does Singapore looks during Earth Hour? Before you go out of the country, make sure you have enough Reload card for your prepaid number, or set your IDD call for postpaid users.
After reach Changi, I try to call Lovina and look for her but both of us gain weight so much until we didn't recognize each other. I had to tell her what I am wearing and where I was on that time. And our distance is only like 500 metres away. Yay~ I am officially Fat. I know because I am happy and healthy.

We took a taxi and drop at Harbour Ville Hotel, where I booked through online after I confirmed my flight. The room is very small, and the location is next to St. Teresa Church if I am not mistaken. Clean and you get what you paid for. The staff is friendly and very helpful. I am not suggesting the hotel if you wish to walk around town. Look for cheap hostel at Little India, Orchard or Chinatown if you wish to save up time to enjoy yourself in Singapore.
After check in, put my things aside, we took a bus and went to the nearest MRT, at Outram Park. First, Lovina brought me to Chinatown but most of the food stall almost closed so we moved to Orchard and have our dinner instead. After full, we walk to Clarke Quay and take our insane picture around the city of Singapore. Around 2am, we went back and have our rest at the hotel.


Day 2 - 4th April 2009

Woke up at 7am, and punyalah semangat hendak berjalan mengelilingi Singapore dengan hasrat dapat beli ole-ole balik ke kampung. Namun, wang Singapore bukan seperti wang di Bandung. Everything count. Whenever I did the shopping I will calculate it with malaysia currency. Hahah! I went to Bugis, I went Somerset, Clarke Quay, Little India, Raffles Place, Vivo City, Merlion place fuh! So many to remember and I nearly pull out my feet. Jalan jalan sampai jam3.30 pagi! Yea, it's saturday night, what do you expect anyway? hahaha!


I bet you look at the jeans before me..

Vivo City


Day 3 - 5th April 2009

Time to go home, but sempat lagi pergi Choa Chu Kang, Lovina's place. It was raining heavily so didn't manage to catch up other places. Huhuh. What to do laa.. There always a next time! ;) Around 4pm, we left Jurong East and back to the hotel to check out. First, we missed the 1st station to the outram park, second we lost and could not find where is the way back to the hotel, third, I almost not going back. Haha.. But I think Singapore like me too. Hihi.. Love you Singapore. Will come back soon! ;)

Clarke Quay
Clarke Quay

FaceBook - 1
More picture in my Facebook ;)

FaceBook - 2

Good night. Huarrrgh~ So sleepy and tired ;)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

This is HOT!

Yes, the weather is very hot nowadays! I guess we are facing the global warming and the sun is coming to earth. What? Sun is coming to earth? What the heck am I talking about.? I'm not kidding, this is hot!

Sunny day
See, no one need umbrella nowadays.
Sun Play
Just have a basic care on this sunny day.
But, some place is facing other season.
Man Hunt
This is what I called HOT! ;)

*Sorry folks, I am so damn tired.. Tomorrow is Monday, it's going to be a hot day at work too~ So, only a short update here. Good night everyone~ ;)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bahasa saya bukan dari Malaysia

Seperti yang kamurang tahu..
Saya bukan lah pendatang tanpa izin
Tapi yang kamu tidak tahu..
Saya tidak pernah mendapat A satu dalam Sijil Pelajaran Bahasa Malaysia

Pada waktu saya mula bercakap
Perkataan pertama yang ibu bapa saya ajar ialah Mummy
Dan perkataan kedua ialah Daddy
Tiada dalam kamus dewan bahasa dan pustaka
Yang mengatakan Mummy dan Daddy itu adalah bahasa Malaysia.

Apabila saya lapar, saya akan gunakan perkataan 'momom'
sebab saya ingin Makan
Apabila saya rasa mau buang air
saya akan berkata 'mo o-o'
Bila sakit, saya nangis saja, tidak bercakap.

Jadi? Dari mana kah bahasa saya ini?

This is my weaknesses, I am not good in English and even Malay. So bad. Anyway, I love to see people dancing especially the slow one, so sweet.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Get well wishes

Thanks to all my friends who never stop sms me, ask for my condition, you all have melted me up to the point even I have some argument with my dearest and I can forget whatever he said to me last night. Your friendship is everything to me and I really really appreciate what you have done to me. At least, somebody know how I feel and I am not joking of being sick. This is not about the ego, of selfishness of being a girl as a guy would say, a girl always get what she wants, but did you ever think that does all girl really want what she get? I give you one example, if the girl get married, the guy will say, owh, the girl want this color, so I just follow her because at the end of the day, she will picked the color even I chose others, but are you sure? Some guy they like to be simple, short cut, or even worse, enough is enough. Most of them are Hard. Sorry guys, but if you are denying, then you can't satisfy a girl. If you know what I meant.
Get Well Soon
A get well soon wishes from my buddy..

Things get emotionally unstable this few days, and last night was a nightmare but when I get some of your sms, I feel relieved but a little upset with my dear but ok lah I am the type of girl who can easily forget because I have SMS issue. (Short Memory Problem). So I won't give a damn of a jealousy issue to a long relationship. If we are meant to be, we will be. God will show the way. A recipe to a golden relationship is Trust. Without this, a mysterious thing in life like love will turn to a disaster or a lesson in life. Do not worry, it happen to everyone. No harm. But, Love is like a war, you have to stay alive in order to make it over. Never surrender unless you let others win. If you win, you will be the happiest person in the world and gain peace for your whole life.

Just like my friend here, I wish them happy marriage and happy a lot of kids. ;) Thanks for your invitation Santosh, and his newly queen Jully.. Married on 18th of April 2009

Santosh & Jully

On 18th of April also, I drop at 1Borneo with my friend, Jessienta and her friends, use to be my friends now and decided to watch a movie. We choose to watch "Coming Soon" a thai horror movie, and the story was WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!! Sikit saya sakit jantung.. The storyline a bit twisted but this is the most scariest movie I guess. For those yang ada sakit jantung.. Baik jangan lah tengok..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A never ending sickness

I am on leave today and I just can't stop thinking of going out to the office. Believe it or not, I just can't stop sms-ing my colleague asking, busy?, so many orders?, ok ka OTIF? Urgh. I told myself, why do I care so much with works? Am I suppose to get enough rest and gain more energy? I guess, blogging a little won't harm right? Else I will change my mind later and drive to the office. Normally tuesday is the busiest day of the week. That's why I'm a bit worry.

On 15th of April, which is on (checking hp) wednesday, only last week, I went to our panel doctor at Klinik Menggatal to see Dr. Ho. Thanks to William for sending me up to the clinic.

Location: Klinik Menggatal, Dr. Ho Siang Boon.
Time: Around 10 am
Date: 15 April 2009

Walk on the stairs.. Looking at the counter to register. The clinic full with middle age, some coughing like me, some people with kids.

Me: Hello..
Counter lady: Hi.. Ko flu? Siapa sudah nama ko tu?
(Do I look obviously flu? Ok, she recognized my face but can't remember my name)

Me: Errm.. Veralyn..
Counter lady: Bah.. tunggu sikijap aah..
Me: Ok.. (and look for any available seat)

Sitting next to a lady - around 30 - 40 years old..
waiting -- waiting -- 30 minits passed -- still waiting my turn

Counter lady: Vera.. masuk la..
(I just smiled)

Doctor: Yes Vera...
Me: Hi doctor (with a lame face..)

and some conversation lagi la.. byk betul mau cakap..
And so..the doctor gave me this..


Then.. after work yesterday, I went again to see the doctor, but this time because of my right ear. Sakit tak terkata. Dah pekak dah pun. Anyway, thanks to Zool & Jessie for their sweet helping hands.

Location: Klinik Menggatal, Dr. Ho Siang Boon.
Time: Around 6 pm
Date: 20 April 2009

Counter lady: Eh, ko belum baik lagi?
Me: (Muka bingung) Ya..

Counter lady: Bila ko datang tu?
Me: (Berfikir..bila masa tu ah) Err.. ari ampat ka.. eh.. macam ari tiga.. eh.. inda ingat..

Counter lady: Macam baru baru jak tu kan?
Me: Iya (sambil tersenyum.. malu juga ni balik balik muka sya p klinik)

This time, no one in the clinic maybe because it's already late and people seldom seek the doctor in time like that.

Doctor: Yes vera.. (smiling)
Me:'s me again..

Doctor: What's up.. (still smiling)
Me: My right ear sakit lah..

Doctor: Ok.. let me see..(checking my ear using his tools)
Me: Ouch..

Doctor: Inflammation.. Do u often clean your ear using cotton bud?
Me: yea...

Doctor: The epidermis has a scratch on it so, infected and now swollen.
Me: erk..ok..

Doctor: I give you a strong medicine..

Ubat Lagi

Hurm.. the learning subject.. Do not clean your ear always.. and keep healthy.. Once you get sick, no fun at all!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Knock You Down

I might fall in love with Ne-Yo, but when I listen to this song, I can't stop playing it.

Keri Hilson ft. Ne Yo and Kanye - Knock You Down

Heh, not again
Ohh, this ain't supposed to happen to me

Keep rockin', and keep knockin'
Whether you Louis Vuitton it up or Reebokin'
You see the hate, that they're servin' on a platter
So what we gon' have, dessert or disaster?

I never thought I'd be in love like this
When I look at you my mind goes on a trip
Then you came in, and knocked me on my face
Feels like in I'm a race
But I already won first place

I never thought I'd fall for you as hard as I did
(As hard as I did, yeah)
You got me thinkin' bout our life our house and kids, yeah
Every mornin' I look at you and smile
'Cause boy you came around and you knocked me down
Knocked me down

Sometimes love comes around
(Love comes around love comes around)
And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(Knocks you down)
Sometimes love comes around
(Love comes around)
And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(Knocks you down)

I never thought I'd, hear myself say, ooh, ya'll gon' head
I think I'm gonna kick it wit my girl today, kick it wit my girl today
I used to be commander and chief
Of my pimp ship flyin' high, flyin' high)
Til I met this pretty little missile that shot me out the sky
(Oh shot me out the sky)

Hey, now I'm crashing, don't know how it happened
But I know it feels so damn good
Said if I could back, and make it happen faster
Don't you know I would baby if I could
Miss Independent, ohh, to the fullest, the load never too much
She helpin' me pull it
She shot the bullet that ended that life
I swear to you the pimp in me just died tonight
Girl sometimes love

Sometimes love comes around
(Love comes around)
And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(Knocks you down)
Sometimes love comes around
(Love comes around)
And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(Knocks you down)

Tell me now can you make it past your Caspers
So we can finally fly off into NASA
You was always the cheerleader of my dreams that
Seem to only date the head of football teams
And I was the class clown that, always kept you laughin'

We, were never meant to be baby we just happen
So please, don't mess up the trick, hey young world I'm the new slick rick
They say I move too quick, but we can't let the moment pass us
Let the hourglass pass right into ashes

Let the wind blow the ash right before my glasses
So I wrote this love letter right before my classes
How could a goddess ask, someone that's only average
For advice, OMG, you listen to that bitch?
Whoa, it's me, baby this is tragic
'Cause we had it, we was magic

I was flyin', now I'm crashin'
This is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson
Now I'm mad, real mad, Joe Jackson
You should leave your boyfriend now, I'm ma ask him

Say you gotta put the good with the bad, happy and the sad
So will u bring a better future than I had in the past
Oh Cause, I don't wanna make the same mistakes I did
I don't wanna fall back on my face again
Whoa, whoa, I'll admit it, I was scared to answer love's call
Whoa, whoa, and if it hits better make it worth the fall
(When it comes around)

Sometimes love comes around
(Love comes around)
And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(Knocks you down)
Sometimes love comes around
(Love comes around)
And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(Knocks you down)

Won't see it coming when it happens, hey
But when it happens you're gonna feel it, let me tell you now
You see when love knocks you down

Won't see it coming when it happens
But when it happens you're gonna feel it, let me tell you now
You see when love knocks you down

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Be a leader or a manager?

What is the different between these two?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reveal the box content now..

It seems that no one pass the How sharp are you? What's inside? test, but Isa nearly there. So no kopi tenom but I will tell you what's inside. To those who act do not care, unCool and not enjoyed the fun, go away. :p I never insist you to guess but to the one who did try their luck, I give you the answer now. Especially Corn.. *chuckles*

It's not an iPhone

Blogger cornelia charladine said...

let me guess, it got something to do with DSLR? betul ka girl?
cepat reveal the -- No, it's not..

derrick: kotak kotak tu mcm sedang sedang besar dia ... " HANDPHONE "
jawapan muktamad. -- Bukan handphone laa.. brapa byk handphone sya mo beli?

Blogger Mrs. Ezman said...

handphone! hehhe... speedlite? bag dslr? ... new lenses hehehe.. -- semua salah.. haha.. good try ;)

Blogger Isa said...

Iphone..!!! -- Sikit lagi Isa.. ;)

Blogger Claire Cassandra T said...

err...kapas muka??haaha...macam2 ba buli muat kotak besar macam tu...sia teka lagi!! muahahaha -- Fuiyoo.. Kapas muka sya beli dari guardian atau watson saja.. :D

Blogger Fharelynne said...


haha... -- Vonne.. if sya beli PSP lagi.. mesti sya bagi ko sudah tu.. hehe..

Blogger FIRKAL said...


*hehe,... menyampuk dulu k. pok kna blanja kupi tenom bah..* -- Fuiyoo.. blackberry.. belum mampu lagi sya.. hahah.. ;)

So apa la?
Jeng Jeng Jeng

Oi.. salah picture..

Apple of my eye..
I just have my own MP3
iPod shuffle - something technical not new
With earphone only..

Do you see that? I mean itu apple sudah kena gigit..Yea the engrave part is unique..

I just add up another wire in my life.. huhuh.. Actually, I hate wires..

For more info on how you can get your iPod engraved? (I just learned the word from Eleanor) Try look for Eleanor, or straight away go to Apple.Com

"Thank you Eleanor..if it wasn't for you.. this will not ever happen! I want it in BOLD letters. I want it to be size 32.
eleanor_19685: now girl. now!!!! <<-- she insist me to put this.. HOnestly.. I owe you Eleanor and now, go ahead and ask them to engraved your iPod! ;)

Monday, April 13, 2009

How sharp are you? Guess what's inside?

I have received my parcel today, guess what's inside? :)

Hint: Something technical, not new.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Night

Location: Queen Elizabeth, Hospital.
Time: Noon
Purpose: Visiting my dad's closest friend. I called him, brother.
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
He is sick, so sick. Skin and bone is left with him. Sad. He say, he missed my father very much. Tears fall. Prayer from heart. Trying to make he still can survive. Miracle. Give a little help God. I have not ready to let him meet my dad. God bless you Terence. We love you.

Location: Yogur Berry
Time: After visiting.
Purpose: Having a short break with Mom while waiting Oyo from CP.
Yogur Berry
Having some scoop of Yogur Berry while playing a not famous game title Afternoon of Darkness. Tired of playing and waiting, we went to CP instead of waiting.

Location: POSE Boutique, Center Point.
Time: After Yogur Berry
Purpose: Look for new outfit, but since I put on weight, bought nothing.
2nd Edition
Drop at POSE boutique, it seems there were so many new arrivals. Too bad, I put on weight so nothing was fit into me. Well, I have to lose some. Thanks to Nina, she introduce me the new streetpress in town, Bandwidth. Get it from POSE boutique.

Location: Chapel St. Petrus, Tampulan
Time: Evening
Praying?: Yes, it's Easter Night.
Easter Night
The prayer start at 7pm and finish at 9.30pm.

Location: my bedroom, home.
Time: Night
Reading?: Bandwidth, first publication.
The new streetpress in town is very informative. Though the layout of the magazine is simple, but content are much more details. To know more about our local and non local DJ like DJ Chelsea, you must get this magazine. For more info, please visit
kk bandwidth

Friday, April 10, 2009

Holy Friday

* Plan to go for way of the cross - Failed due to lateness of wake myself up
* Attended the celebration of the passion of the Lord at 3pm at St. Petrus Chapel, kg. Tampulan, Telipok, my own kampung
Good Friday
Passion of the Lord
* Fasting - no meat, small meal
* Cooking for dinner

That's all for now, I guess I have been updating quite a number of new post for today.