The Day I left my blog

Do you still remember me? Sound like I have left here quite some time. Actually I have so many things to share here but I just don't have enough time to post it. So, have you vote earth last Saturday? Share with you some of my experience before the earth hour.

Friday, 27th March 2009 - The day before Earth Hour - Working
My mom told me to buy 'red fish' aka 'ikan merah' at Sulaman Road, alongside. After work, I drove and drop at the .... what we should called the place? A market? Stall? I have no idea, but they were some 'business-person' selling foods there. The fish is quite cheap rather than u go and buy from the wet market. The scary thing was, the rain, the thunderstorm and the missing umbrella. I have to run and buy the fish quickly so I won't caught fully-wet after. On my way back, sudah banjir, flood but with confidence of toyota vigo, jalan terus..That was the worst night ever, driving alone with the worst weather. Just like watching a terror movie. The darkside of the world.

Saturday, 28th March 2009 - 2nd Anniversary of our late aunt, earth hour - at Home
Just have a look at the pictures. I'm lack of idea at the moment. Lagging. I hope I can tell a better story. Nevertheless, it was my late dady's sister 2nd death anniversary, did I use the correct words? Prayer done at 3pm and I just can't wait for Earth hour. That night, I switch off the main power even there were numbers of people in my house, some playing cards, chit chat and drinks. Just like black-out night. And I can hear the kids sing birthday song after they light up the candle.

Yesterday, 31st March 2009 - dinner with eleanor..
Hehehehhehehe.. So sorry.. I have no idea at the moment.. Just a short update.. i need to sleep now~