I went to Singapore

The Merlion - Uniquely Singapore

This is my first visit to Singapore and I am not excited about it as I only have a very short time and some dollars to spend. Well, at least I have intention to go again somewhere this year. Maybe you can save some money and we can go together? What say u? Let me give you some tips if you wish to go for a short holiday in Singapore.
Lovina & I - Thanks for everything..

1) Bring 3-5 pair of clothes only.
2) Minimize your things
3) Wear your shoes, do not tell me you are going to walk with your 6" heels..
4) Be polite, be alert, do not simply take pictures especially at food corner
5) Remember, Singapore is a fine city, think before you act.
6) No chewing gum.
7) Bring your umbrella.
The sign
Lovina & Jerome - He say to me, it's a sign ;) (I should stay longer)

I'm kinda like Singapore especially on gadget stuff. Public transport are very convenient, so you do not have to worry going anywhere. You just need an ez-link card to access the MRT and bus. Singapore anyone? ;) Let spend our money wisely. Reduce clubs stuff, explore the world. That is my dream. I miss you dady. A little bit odd when I return from a far location and bring nothing for you. :(