Love hurts..

He was talking on the phone..
I was 5 meter from him..
Still waiting for him..
He still laughing on the phone..

I tried to attract him..
But seem he enjoy the conversation..
I sms him after failed to attract him..
He read my sms after ended the conversation..

He enter the car..
I give a sweet smile..
He smiled to me back..
I feel warm but not welcome..

I drive and ask whose calling
he said friend - a guy
I test him - let me see
He refuse..

It's hurt..

We chat we look at each other eyes..
I can't find me in his eyes..
I feel strange..
I stop..

We move to other place..
I try again..
And I can't imagine
How the other girl looks like?

I send him home..
The clock ticking..
But I feel so slow..
I should be home early..

He is home..
I was confused..
I hate but I have no choice..
I'm dilemma..

It's hurt..

I can't sleep..

It's hurt..

I can't focus..

It's hurt..

All because of Love..

and it's hurt..