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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A never ending sickness

I am on leave today and I just can't stop thinking of going out to the office. Believe it or not, I just can't stop sms-ing my colleague asking, busy?, so many orders?, ok ka OTIF? Urgh. I told myself, why do I care so much with works? Am I suppose to get enough rest and gain more energy? I guess, blogging a little won't harm right? Else I will change my mind later and drive to the office. Normally tuesday is the busiest day of the week. That's why I'm a bit worry.

On 15th of April, which is on (checking hp) wednesday, only last week, I went to our panel doctor at Klinik Menggatal to see Dr. Ho. Thanks to William for sending me up to the clinic.

Location: Klinik Menggatal, Dr. Ho Siang Boon.
Time: Around 10 am
Date: 15 April 2009

Walk on the stairs.. Looking at the counter to register. The clinic full with middle age, some coughing like me, some people with kids.

Me: Hello..
Counter lady: Hi.. Ko flu? Siapa sudah nama ko tu?
(Do I look obviously flu? Ok, she recognized my face but can't remember my name)

Me: Errm.. Veralyn..
Counter lady: Bah.. tunggu sikijap aah..
Me: Ok.. (and look for any available seat)

Sitting next to a lady - around 30 - 40 years old..
waiting -- waiting -- 30 minits passed -- still waiting my turn

Counter lady: Vera.. masuk la..
(I just smiled)

Doctor: Yes Vera...
Me: Hi doctor (with a lame face..)

and some conversation lagi la.. byk betul mau cakap..
And so..the doctor gave me this..


Then.. after work yesterday, I went again to see the doctor, but this time because of my right ear. Sakit tak terkata. Dah pekak dah pun. Anyway, thanks to Zool & Jessie for their sweet helping hands.

Location: Klinik Menggatal, Dr. Ho Siang Boon.
Time: Around 6 pm
Date: 20 April 2009

Counter lady: Eh, ko belum baik lagi?
Me: (Muka bingung) Ya..

Counter lady: Bila ko datang tu?
Me: (Berfikir..bila masa tu ah) Err.. ari ampat ka.. eh.. macam ari tiga.. eh.. inda ingat..

Counter lady: Macam baru baru jak tu kan?
Me: Iya (sambil tersenyum.. malu juga ni balik balik muka sya p klinik)

This time, no one in the clinic maybe because it's already late and people seldom seek the doctor in time like that.

Doctor: Yes vera.. (smiling)
Me:'s me again..

Doctor: What's up.. (still smiling)
Me: My right ear sakit lah..

Doctor: Ok.. let me see..(checking my ear using his tools)
Me: Ouch..

Doctor: Inflammation.. Do u often clean your ear using cotton bud?
Me: yea...

Doctor: The epidermis has a scratch on it so, infected and now swollen.
Me: erk..ok..

Doctor: I give you a strong medicine..

Ubat Lagi

Hurm.. the learning subject.. Do not clean your ear always.. and keep healthy.. Once you get sick, no fun at all!


cornelia charladine said...

get well soon bebeh!

Isa said...

itu ubat carinox tu ubat biasa sy dpt dari dr. ho.. :)