Outing @ Melohom Bay - Preview

Okay, I cannot sleep, so I reduce the size some of the pictures I took last Sunday for your view. There are group photo, couple and single! Stay tuned for more pictures! By the way, all the picture have been reduced to 72 Resolutions with 600px width only. Beside downsizing and paste in the watermark, no touch up, no color edited, sorry if the pictures not as what you expected.

Location: Melohom Bay Island, Sabah Park.
Date: 26 April 2009
Time: 8am - 4pm

We are
The Group Photo

KK Park
early in the morning

Just Arrived
Just Arrived

Behind the scene - the Hot man!

Yea! Jump together!

Through underwater lens..

Couple 1
Just Pair them

Sweet Smile
Sweet smile ;)

The Real Couple

The Single
The Single

Single again
The Single but not available :D

Ok.. really need my sleep now. Good night everyone~ ;)