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Sunday, April 26, 2009

This is HOT!

Yes, the weather is very hot nowadays! I guess we are facing the global warming and the sun is coming to earth. What? Sun is coming to earth? What the heck am I talking about.? I'm not kidding, this is hot!

Sunny day
See, no one need umbrella nowadays.
Sun Play
Just have a basic care on this sunny day.
But, some place is facing other season.
Man Hunt
This is what I called HOT! ;)

*Sorry folks, I am so damn tired.. Tomorrow is Monday, it's going to be a hot day at work too~ So, only a short update here. Good night everyone~ ;)


Sheena said...

Perhatian : Sekarang adalah musim "Ubur-ubur"....hahahaha..that caught my attention..spelling dia mimang Ubur-ubur atau Obor-Obor?

cornelia charladine said...

oh yeah..
we use the same spf lotion!

Isa said...

aku mo beli aircon suda ni ari..

Mell (tsm4) said...

Wow! last pic... Man Hunt Group pic = HOT! yeah i said ALL.
Including the one yg pakai tutup kepala baju putih. Macho.


Girllyen 'TM' said...

Shee: Ya.. sya pun rasa ada lucu sikit baca tu "ubur ubur"..
Corn: Ada lotion yang lagi tinggi SPF ka?
Isa: Beli d huat ming murah..
Mell: memang hot! hahaha..

kuai said...

macho ka mell??? gilaaa... hahahaha

kin spoil beh.