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Monday, May 4, 2009

The busiest week ever!

Aloha! I am full of energy today! Okay, I lie. Actually I really need some rest. Just a short update here. Will update sooner! ;) (I have owe pictures of Melohom Bay outing also. I know.)

What made me busy? Hehehe.. well..

27 April 2009 - Reports! Reports! Reports! Work Work Work..

28 April 2009 - Reports! Reports! Reports! -- Out with Fharelynne - Meet the BFF - Rumba - The BED - 17th Crush last day

29 April 2009 - Working during the day -- Fetching my dear -- Get hurt after that -- relieve at City Futsal Centre ;)

30 April 2009 - Month end reports! Telecons + Meeting (Packed!) -- Meet my dear after work -- Still under bad mood -- dinner @ New York New York, 1Borneo -- Wacth movies (Make it happen (9pm) Bohsia (11pm)

1 May 2009 - Western Breakfast with him -- watch movies again (Mall Cop (7pm) 2 fast 2 Furios (9pm)

2 May 2009 - Sabah Fest - Magellan Sutera -- Fun Fair @ Papar -- Visit dear's grandparent house @ Papar -- Back to telipok

3 May 2009 - Last day with dear -- went to Sabah Museum -- Send to airport -- back to Telipok fetch grandma - Sabah Fest grand -- back telipok -- FLAT

What a packed week! huhuh.. Share some pictures here ;)
The Blues ;)
City Futsal Centre - SabahRhinos.Com routine (every wednesday)
The simple breakfast
Sabah Fest
With the grandparent
Fun Fair
Fun Fair - not fair enough
With him @ Sabah Museum
Sabah Fest
Last night @ Sabah Fest - My aunties, cousins, my grandma behind.
Back to work now. ;)
By the way, I keep listening to this song Selalu Mengalah by Seventeen.. To all the couple in love out there, never give up! I almost there but thank God, as we go along together, we found that we should be more understanding and be honest to each other, NEVER ASSUME, let it out before your anger control over you.


i n d e n said...

busy indeed! dunno how u manage! *kudos*

btw ur pix ba...trus saya terasa sanagt sangat ingin makan cornflakes!!! damn. u and eleanor aaahh. ish.

pix again: am liking the pic of u and ur darling :)

pix pix again: I REALLY GOTTA STOP MAKIN' THAT RETARDED LOOK LIKE SERIOUSLY!! jatuh saham sia oh. hehehe. anyhoos, lovin the pic! :)


Girllyen 'TM' said...

inden!!! I miss u! Heee.. Memang sedap tu cornflakes.. lama tidak makan ni.. hehehe.. belum lagi ko nampak makanan d new york new york.. ekekek.. dont worry inden.. u always look cute whatever u do!

cornelia charladine said...

waw girl!
sabah fest rawks oO kan.. *grin*

Mell (tsm4) said...

oh ya kan.. ko pun masi banyak gambar melohom sama sabah fest tu kan? hahaha bah palan2 ko. tunggu cool down baru ko upload tu gambar smua, trus bersemangat ni.

ok la bah tu busy, jgn lazy suda la (mcm sa). :p