Can't Get Enough of Singapore

I love Singapore as much as I love gadgets! Singapore is way modern than Malaysia. I heard some of the Singaporean teenagers says "I'm proud to be a Singaporean" and how I wish I could say the same too. Nevertheless, I would say 'I'm proud to be a Sabahan'. Even though our road is like highway to hell.

So what about Singapore this time? Old story just reveal? No, this is new and fresh. Some of you might ask, u are not telling me that you went to Singapore again after a gateway which only last month? The fact is, YES, I went to Singapore again, but this time I am not alone. I went with mum and Eleanor the freaky BFF but soft-hearted lady too. We are normal. Anyway, the trip was hilariously fun and full of blisters.

We spent 4 days and 3 night at Nava Place @ Little India, where we proudly lost ourselves while trying to look for the hostel with the direction given from the net. Unfortunately, the direction didn't told us it's quite far from the MRT. Glad there is a taxi uncle with his 'wait-wait-wait' style show us the right way which is so near! Ciss.. Len.. ko lah tu sekejap putus asa.. After check in, we get out again and lost for the second time. Lagi jauh kami sesat!
I wish to story more details but I have 2 assignment need to finish it up. Will update here again once done ok? Cheer up friends ;)

p/s: I bought 640GB hard disk from SG.. :D