Hating my life again

Life is frustrating, even you have great friends with a hot boyfriend, you will never get out from trouble or dilemma. How I wish life is always happy.

You wish to have your own dream house, but your mom decide what furniture you should have.

You wish to have your own car, but your mom decide what car you should take.

You wish to go further up, but your mom decide you should drive or not.

You wish to quit job, but you have to feed yourself and others too.

You wish to have children and a family, but you have to wait for the correct person, get married first.

You wish to get rich, but you have to fork it out unless you're lucky in investing '4D'

You wish to have a job that really fit to you, but people say you are demanding.

You wish to be perfect, but you are not God.

See, life never complete you. How come you ever say, life is complete? While it is never enough?


p/s: Suara dengarkanlah aku.. apa khabarnya pujaan hatiku.. aku disini menunggunya.. masih berharap di dalam hatinya.. ;) Miss u..