Welcome to SnailBand

I had bad times with the internet connection

When the system down
I become lame
I intend to tense up
My blood pressure become high
And the mind start thinking

Why is the bloody system down
In time of million paperworks on my desk
Tonnes of emails queue up with "urgent" reminders
Awaiting a single reply from me

And so I decide to take a cup of coffee
But the cup went missing
Then I realized my container went missing too

Something is not right
Not from my right
But in front of me went wrong today.

*sigh* Did H1N1 effect the system too? - I guess so.

Whatever it is, let's eat! - Nasi Beriyani - Every Wednesday only @ Sri Pinang, Sabah Port ;)

Nasi Beriyani

While eating, I'm listing to Tua Tua Klabing - Or in English, Old Old Clubbing (direct translation) Click to download, but please buy the original too -->
05. Tua Tua Klabing (remix by Levi The Fly)-lokalicious.3forum.mp3