Long Weekend

Indeed a long weekend, but I have limited time to update my blog. This is because I am busy with my dear and as he left, my life become miserable and silent again. No laughter or even a guy to argue with. He know me well as a stone-headed girl to him, but I love him very much to the point I could die. Probably he put a spell on me. ;) I hope our love is pure. No spelling bee! :p
Day 29 May 09 - Sabah Holiday - in lieu 30 May (1st day of Harvest festival)
- Fetch him and have lunch and other eating session. (well, there are nothing else we could do rather than eating you see)
- Night, I went out with my family to KDCA, watch some cultural performance from selected high school around Sabah
- Chill out with Inden & Len @ Texas.. Len.. i miss u!
Day 30 May 09 - 1st day of Harvest Festival
- Fetch him and have our bfast 2gether
- To the airport - have lunch with his family before fly to Manila.
- To Papar, celebrate the senior bday -- meet the soon-to-become family
- Back to KK and had our dinner at Damai, lamb chop!
Mark & Max
Day 31 May 09 - 2nd day of Harvest Festival
- fetch him, quite late, sorry i woke up late ba dear.. so tired..
- To kokol, tingu tingu jalan..
- again.. eating session..
- shopping at City Mall
1st June 09 - still holiday - in lieu 2nd day of Harvest festival which fall on Sunday
- fetch him, take bfast at Likas.
- have our morning walk
- drop at Beverly Hills meet his friend
- Accompany him buy burger wrapper at pasar kk..
- send him back to pack up his thing..
- left gradually

*Hope to see him again next week. Really.
But again, Terminat: Salvation rocks!!!!!!! I like it so much!! yay!!