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Monday, July 20, 2009

Catching Sunset with DaOne


Last week on 16th July, DaOne suddenly sms me ask me out to catch sunset. So I suggest him the easiest way to take sunset. I mean, no busy car, less distraction. And so, we hit Sapangar Bay.. :) The location is near to Petronas depot. Below are some of the pictures to share with you. :)

DaOne aka Peter ;)
Vertical Sunset
Vertical Sunset

Flammable Sunset
Horizontal Sunset
Stone painting?
Goodbye Sunset

Kak Tini
Hehehe.. kak Tini restaurant.. fill ur stomach before got home.. :D Thanks daone for the treat ;)


Fharelynne said...

I love the sunset..when r u goin to shoot me in the sunset??? *kidding* hahahhaa

Mrs. Ezman said...

Evon shoot u in the sunset? abis la u burn hahaha.. :P

good job girl :)

Girllyen 'TM' said...

cuz... susah mau cari ko ni.. :D maybe this weekend.. tomorrow.. the day after tomorrow? jauh bah ko skrg..

Thanks Noy ;)

Velarry Suan said...

I hate sunsets... Its the end of a day... :((

Carmelliny said... it!

DaOne Who Was Here said...

ba gurl...mana lagi kita mo buat...mari kita pi shoot night plak...mcm.... kita buat project bermain dengan cahaya or lampu...mau......

Girllyen 'TM' said...

peter.. pelan pelan.. panat begia kalau setiap minggu shooting.. hahaha.. but.. ok juga :D mau check schedule juga ni.. ;)