I went shopping

Wihuu! For a long time, I didn't go out for shopping. Well, thanks to Kuai for accompanying me out last nite. So, this is what I bought!
Nikon D300s

Yes! The New Nikon D300s is out~! And I just cant wait to hold it. Commercial break!@ This is so not true~ The truth is..My glasses gone to out of nowhere, huhuh. I hope my non frame glasses could be somewhere in the middle of my tiny room. He has been gone for a month and my eyes really need a cure for the time being. With no option, I have to buy a new one rather than suffered myself from dizzy and headache trying to focus all the object in front of me. Aperture rosak! I made my glasss at Best Look Eyewear Sdn Bhd, located at C-119, Concourse Floor, 1Borneo Hypermall, Jalan sulaman, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, in a very affordable price!! The shop is just next to KFC, in front Toy's R Us..
My old glasses..

Say hi to the new glasses~ It cost me RM228 only with computer protector, sunlight protection and I forgot to ask how much is my degree of lens. 18mm perhaps? I'm not very sure on that. In the mean time, I bought iENHANCER colour contact lenses, one is blue and another one is black for RM76 and the 360ml FreshKon solution cost me RM15. All in good condition. (of course laa new kan..)
This is my shopping style~ ;)

Testing testing..Ahaks~

Quote of the day.. inspired by Amuzo.. edited a bit.. and turn like this.. I feel like I'm in heaven, but I'm still alive~ Yehaa~ ;)