Missing someone is not easy

This is what we call, a happy family

Yea.. missing someone is not easy as, "aa.. sekejap saja baitu.. pejam celik.. jumpa balik.." Urgh.. I don't understand, our relationship is almost 4 years and the feeling of missing when he is not around was like we just declared ourselves as boyfriend & girlfriend yesterday.. No wonder so many people in this world could not stand with distance relationship. Even 2 miles away. i miss his eyes, I miss his smile, the way he care even sound rude and full of depression sometime, his smell, huhuh, I wonder if I lost him forever? I just can't imagine and I pray if he leave me, please take away my life too.
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We like to act silly sometime..

Finding or knowing someone who care for us is not an easy thing for me. I'm the type of person who awkwardly do not really look into, how to say perasan? Maybe I'm too friendly and never thought a friend could fall in love with me just like my dear did. I will not know if he didn't told me that he likes me. Yay! Again, that's the problem to our relationship, I am too friendly and my boyfriend is not. My family wondering why did I fall in love with guy who not 'sound' like me. Totally opposite, I'm quite agresive, loud, talk like a stupid person, like to do charity like give free stuff, while him, a bit quiet, bad tempered, eager to look for money.
He is trying to seduce me.. but..

Whatever it is, love is a mysterious thing that happen in my life. I cannot say love is joy, because sometime it hurts us so bad and may create hatred, I cannot say love is everything also because with love we cannot drive the car unless we learn to drive a car, some say, love sucks, I guess it sucks your soul to one another and maybe why those phrase exists.
I pampered them with mask and he fall to sleep..

And even I blog too much about this, I still miss him. :D Miss you sugar~ ;) Love you!

p/s: after a long period of relationship, your conversation will be slower, even through IM, don't worry, it's normal.. ;) That is the sign of getting old.. hihihi.. ;)