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Friday, August 28, 2009

Bye Digital Welcome Film

C'mon.. reveal the box!

I'm going to sell off my DSLR.. (for sure? Nah.. I will think about it again) Anyhow, I just bought my first Lomo Camera from Thanks to Adrian for the best service. From now on, I will post my lomo's pictures and who knows being a I will be the next Lomo Wedding Photographer. Haha.. I love photography. And I adore Kid Chan. He got style~ ;)

Ultra Wide Slim

lomo back
Sexy Back~

Grrr.. Lomo lomo~

Find out more here:-


Uncle Greg said...

mau cari model ka ... hehehehe wah ko mau try Lomo udah ... jadi ko mau jual kamira digital ko? hehehe

Mell (tsm4) said...

ko ada printer all in one with film scanner?

film cameras is making it's comeback.

cicak said...

Uih, takkan pigi film, trus quit digital? atukoi

I also adore lomo but I will never quit digital. :)

::Sarah:: said...

How cute...Japan has lots of quirky cameras..very creative..LOL!~

Girl, ndakan ko mo jual ur DSLR? adededede, sayang2..:)

miq said...

girl...pix from that camera nnt ko bg upload tau juga da pix is nice or not. Kemarin sy pegi dorg punya kedai, cam b'minat sm tu tlr blackbird

Girllyen 'TM' said...

Hehehe.. memang gila laa if i sell my DSLR kan.. Not a wise choice i guess.. Thank God I'm still okay~ I will never sell the great D90.. ;)

Merl.. sya mau cari la tu.. ntah mana ada jual ni.. anyone please help~!

Miq.. nanti sya share ok..

Qhris said...

kalu ko betul2 tia mau laling..ko kasi sy ja ok ja hehe