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Monday, August 31, 2009

Carecca's Birthday & Graduation WIshes

Warning: This post might take a few minute to load. Hot pictures loading.. Haha~!
3 years has passed and my close cousin name Carecca Dimos is finally graduate from the University of Cesar Ritz, Switzerland and now working at Shangri La, Tanjung Aru. We are the closest cousin since we were young, we did our SPM together at Teknik Likas, and took different path after that. Last night, we have a great dinner and fun at the Royal China Restaurant at D'Junction. I met the Paparions, Penampangans, Telipokons, Tenghilaning, and KK freak family. (The speech made from Papap (Recca's dad) really touch my heart and I blame for tearing us down. Recca's mom left us a year ago before my dad left us too, they were sibling and that how the relation of cousins turn to us.) Now I know who are related to me and I'm looking forward for our next gathering! I love mua familia~ ;)
Anak Buah
I bring extra battery for my SB900 that night, and D90 went so well. Some pictures to share here, hope you all like it. ;) To Recca, Happy merdeka & birthday to u! ;) Good luck for your future undertaking. I love you!
*ps: To my Miss Catherine Francis, Happy Birthday to you too.. (why? U tot I forget your birthday ka? Hahah) ehem.. the saunyuk very sadap oo! Thank you Royal China Restaurant, D'Junction!
The crowd
The magician
Me & Niece


Carmelliny said...

Tenghilan?u've got related family kh there?

::Sarah:: said...

Eh?! Carecca is back from Switz? Awesome..Send my regards to her ya..:)

Girllyen 'TM' said...

Carmel.. iya.. :D
Sarah.. ya~ Yang bulan 7 lagi tu.. hihi.. nanti kita kluar minum minum laa.. itu pun kalau senang.. busy memanjang ni.. bikin malas.. haha..

LLC said...

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dianvelove said...

Suka baca ni blog..nice..

Carmelliny said...

sblah mana di Tenghilan?(alala,bangas dh soalan sa oh..)