Make Myself Happy

Somebody are not happy with me lately, I already state my sorry but I guess it is not working. Indeed, I am not happy about it, and try to make them understand but they still want to act with their 'suicidal note', 'threaten act', which I also have no idea what should I do about it and I could not forgive myself. Maybe I should be silent, loving them seem hurting them more. I swear to God, I will break down, cry and let it all out by myself. I hate being too dramatic, but this is for real, this time I know and I learned that someone will be tough as they are. I will struggling to fight my weaknesses and pray for their safety, maybe it takes 2-3 days, then I will face them again.

Stop being self-craziness, share with you something here. I went to Likas yesterday. Went to jog and suppose meeting Eleanor, missing her like a decades, she just came back from N9, and I just can't wait to meet her. But, unfortunately she a bit busy since she reach here. It's ok Eleanor, will go out with you next week, it's a promise ok, else I will kill you! Kidding kidding~! Missing my girlfriends lately, Inden, Corn, huhuh..

I check my photos collection last night, I saw some of these pictures, and try to make fun of it. This girl is my cousin's daughter, her name is Charlotte Grace but we called her Indai. She's cute and I just can't stand with kids! They are very adorable! Grrr.. I want babies~ :p However, Indai belum pandai bercakap ni. Hehehe.. Thanks to Ingkok @ Soscho for the snaps.