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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Out from Facebook for A week

Something Yellow

Last friday, I set my FB status not to login within 1 week. And today is the 5th day of the trial, quite tough for me because most of my friends are connecting through FB. Someone who addicted to FB ask me, how can u stand that long? He did try before but only last like 8 hours, hahaha! His excuse was because all his friends were actively facebooking, even without internet they still using their mobile phone or other source like sms. On 23rd October, 6pm, I officially off from FB, I don't missed FB after that, because I was away for a hilarious Ranau - KB trip with Kuai, Sebas, Merl, Amuzo, Vick, Uncle Greg and his son on 24-25 Oct. The 3rd day, they say they already uploaded some pictures into FB and that's where I felt tempted to open my FB but I told to mysef, NO! I want to learn saying NO to something that tempting like FB or maybe FAST FOOD in the future? :D So, what I did in order to 'forget' FB a while? (I really sound dying for FB, wakakak!)

a) Sleep early as I could..
b) Working like hell
c) Blogging like the first time..
d) Going out with friends
e) Look out the window - enjoy our nature
f) Listen to music and reading some books
g) Having fun editing pictures
h) Looking forward to 6pm, 30/10/2009 - Time where I can open my FB! Wakakak!

What is the impact of not opening my FB? I listen to my mp3 more often, sleep early, making friends through Flickr,,, YM, SKype, MSN, enjoy face to face communications, received so many calls why not opening my FB.. hahahah.. please don't drag me first, I have 2 more days to go. Yippie! I'm going to be a successful person. *Did I sound not running in the right track? :D Nevermind. LOL.
p/s: Somebody say I was in FB during this time, well, if you see this note appear in my FB, that has been RSS~ So every update in my blog will appear in my FB too, same goes to my flickr, eveytime I update my pictures in Flickr, it will notify on my FB wall. Learn something ;) Even there is note appear in my FB, it doesn't mean that I'm opening my FB okay?


miq said...

girl, kau la example yg bgus tuk aku lari dr FB ni...hehehehe...
susah juga kalo sudah cam ketagi8h ni. kalo ndak pkai FB, pkai twitter, tp twitter pun auto update my FB status. huhuhu

Daniel Chiam said...

All the best! hahaha I hope I can accomplish the same >.<

Girllyen 'TM' said...

Miq.. hehehe.. cuba 1 week dulu.. and then try 2 weeks.. lepas tu 1 bulan.. hahaha.. FB macam curi masa kita ja kan? hahaha..

Daniel.. u can do it~! I know u can.. Good luck.. ;)

sHeiLa said...

hehehee..FB addict,i think everybody addicted to it..

imagine last time i was in kursus, everyone opened up their lappy and everyone login to FB! saturang tu penceramah berceramah di depan..


Girllyen 'TM' said...

hahahahah..~ Ya bah sheila.. kaya raya oo tu FB founder.. fuh!

NoyIbrahim said...

I can do this (x buka fb) for a week and even more hehehe...

btw... congrats girl! :)

Girllyen 'TM' said...

Ya noy..i know u do.. hahah~ ;D