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Saturday, November 28, 2009

We’re getting engaged

*Chuckles* I just can't believe that I will get engaged in few hours. A long distance relationship now start to put on a new commitment which I called engagement. After this engagement, I believe the my current lifestyle slightly will change. I’m no longer available all the time. I might skip some outdoor event in which I always did. Hope the event running smoothly. Pray for our happiness. ;) Gulp.


Our engagement will be held at Jln Pertanian, Kg. Marabahai, Tuaran Sabah, 10AM starts till I-don’t-know.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SHM Party: My idol night

After the photoshoot with Sua Sue Kemoning, I straight away went to The Cruise at Tanjung Aru, KK attending the Sabah Happy Member (SHM) event invited by Patrick, one of my friend from Sarawak who study in Masterskill, KK. The ticket is RM23 and I was sponsored by Patrick, thank you so much Pat. That was my first time gathering with the members of SHM. I found the event was interesting and everybody were high spirited just like a motivational training event. Since, I have problem of remembering everything, I just share my picture here only-lah~ :D Jangan marah.. ;)


The performer~ ;)


Farah & Rachel ~ Kiyut kan dorang.. Owh.. Rachel is from Brunei~


The white dress girl won the best dress that night ;)


Patrick and I


Lastly, my favourite shots! ;) Terima kasih kerana sporting depan camera sya~

Monday, November 23, 2009

Photoshoot: Sua Sue Kemoning

;) Preview has been made through my FaceBook, but it’s not fair to my friends who doesn’t have FaceBook account yet. What’s with the Sua Sue kemoning? Actually, I try to think what to put as the title of our photo shoot taken on 22/11/2009. I feel the love of a family, sibling and also the friendship that moves in my life. Again, my pixelayerion buddy were at Lagoon Karambunai took the family picture of Sue Besar, Sue Kecik, and Sue Kiut ;) We enjoy the photo shoot very much and I am so glad that Sue Kiyut also have fun in the end.

Here are some pictures for your view ;) Sue, thank you for supporting ;)

DSC_0505 name is Crystal~ ;)

DSC_0506 DSC_0507DSC_0512




P/s: I can’t load too many pictures as this will create lagging to my will load in my flickr once I get the fastest connection ;) Hope you all like the pictures. ;)

Photoshoot with Joann

Last week on 14/11/2009, I had a photoshoot with Joann as were told by Kuai. Last time we have our photoshoot at Teluk Likas, and recently we did in Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu. It was fun and quite challenging as I tried to capture as much as I could and try to make it stunning. I hope she like the pictures and I have no problem if she request for the 3rd time. We heart you Joann.. Super sporting lady I must say.. ;) Enjoy some of the picture preview. ;)



p/s: I’m very sleepy now.. Huhuh.. how I wish to blog about activities that I have done.. maybe next post.. this is

To Joan,

Thank you for your support and may the Pixelayerion will expand and provide more attractive package for you all to choose~ ;)    

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Samsung PL50 – My new family

On 30/10/2009, last month, I went to SenQ and bought a new digital compact camera. Yes, I might sound nuts because I already have my Samsung L73 (7mp), the ultimate Nikon D90, can’t get enough of Lomography – Ultra Wide Slim, and the new member of the family, Samsung PL50 (10.2 mp). It cost me about RM640 including a 4GB SD memory card and the box itself. I had to look for the case later. I had took several pictures before, but I’m fully utilised it during our journey to Kota Belud on 20-21 November 2009. The pixelayerion should go together but due to other commitment, only Merl and I manage to go to Kuai’s house. It’s a beautiful and a great escape for people like us. :) I have another photoshoot and event this late afternoon so I can’t say much about this but, I would like to share some of the pictures and hope you can wait until all uploaded. All pictures during the KB trip were taken by Samsung PL50. It has the good features like Beauty Shot, Landscape where it makes my life easier especially blogging part. Enjoy the pictures~ ;)


Samsung PL50

SL733585 This is the last set of it.. So I have no choice of taking PiNK..


The journey start on 20/11/09 – About 7pm from my office – Merl’s Car


Reach Kuai’s house – and she just bought new digital camera too~ ;)


Awal pagi yang indah~ Ei.. kenapa ni ah? haha..

<SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA> Ada Bokeh juga bah..


Breakfast sebelum p mandi sungai..


Sempat lagi bergambar dalam hutan..


Nice kan??!!!


Can see the kinabalu mountain clearly~ Kota Belud~ I love u!


Owh.. dia ni bukan dari kedai aah.. :D

p/s: All the pictures above only been resize without edited or putting away all the blemish on our face.. Samsung PL50 do it all~! Isn't it great? I have tonnes of pictures lagi oo… I guess i will upload to my Flick for your view later ;) For the time being.. ini saja laa..

Friday, November 20, 2009

Describe me~

It's a girl talk again. Well, I am not too girlie but I do have feeling like girls because obviously I am a girl. I have some weaknesses like everybody has. I am easily melt with all the sweet words from a guy, even when he say "this is the song that I wrote for u, even my singing is bad, I hope u like it". I might give a funny look pretending not to like it (depending on the situation), when I smile and laugh sheepishly, I like the pickup lines. We can be friends, but I am sorry that I am taken. :) Hope we can be friends even I am not single.

Since I have blogging and owned so many sweet friends like you, describe me in your own words.. Drop me some comments~ See who is the longest feedback?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Group Photo Catcher & Street Candid

Come and join the fun~ :) Support our local photographers.. I will try my best to join but will re-confirm later.

photo catcher

for more information -- kindly visit the event link at Facebook
-->> Group photo catcher & street candid <<--

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sungguh indahnya hari berlalu

Syok oo ni lagu kan?? :D

Menatap Matamu – Aril AF7 (OST Kau & Aku)<-- to preview or download the song.. please buy the original~

Sungguh indahnya hari berlalu
Menunggu kasih tambatan hati
Ingin rasanya selalu berbagi
Bersamanya kala suatu nanti

Andaikan kau jadi milikku
Selaluku nyanyikan lagu rindu
Andaikan kau dan aku bersatu
Dunia ini berseri selalu

Kuingin dirimu dekat dihatiku
Berdua kita kan raih bahagia
Kuingin dirimu turut merasa
Rasa rindu untuk menatap matamu

Menatap matamu
Bagaikan bintang nun jauh di sana
Terangi malam yang semakin gelap
Jika kau sudi menemaniku
Takkanku lepas walau sedetik pun


Adik yang rusak.. hahahah.. :p


*hurm.. picture di atas menyemak in my W880i.. haha.. my dugong brother -Raja Amuzo- (wakakak!) Sorry I'm damn busy at the moment.. huhuh.. Didn't have the time to update more picture~ Andaikan kau jadi milikku~ selalu ku nyanyi lagu rindu~ (i love someone sing me a nice song before go to bed.. so i never let my mp3 off before i go to bed)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Love is beautiful ;)

I love you..! Oh milo~ :D Thank u Jessie~ I'm craving of having milo this afternoon.. Yaiii!
Just Milo

Friday the 13th - Don't Get Drunk!

This video is hillarious! Hahahha.. really fits my Friday the 13th~

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Life just like a waving flag

Turn off the radio at the bottom of this page before press the video play button

Song: Wavin' Flag
Artist: K'naan

When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom, just like a wavin' flag

When I get older, I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom just like a wavin' flag
And then it goes back, and then it goes back
And then it goes back, oh

Born to a throne, stronger than Rome
A violent prone, poor people zone
But it's my home, all I have known
Where I got grown, streets we would roam

Out of the darkness, I came the farthest
Among the hardest survival
Learn from these streets, it can be bleak
Accept no defeat, surrender, retreat

So we struggling, fighting to eat
And we wondering when we'll be free
So we patiently wait for that fateful day
It's not far away, but for now we say

When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom just like a wavin' flag
And then it goes back, and then it goes back
And then it goes back, oh

So many wars, settling scores
Bringing us promises, leaving us poor
I heard them say 'love is the way'
'Love is the answer,' that's what they say

But look how they treat us, make us believers
We fight their battles, then they deceive us
Try to control us, they couldn't hold us
'Cause we just move forward like Buffalo Soldiers

But we struggling, fighting to eat
And we wondering, when we'll be free
So we patiently wait for that faithful day
It's not far away but for now we say

When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom just like a wavin' flag
And then it goes back, and then it goes back
And then it goes back, and then is goes

When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom just like a wavin' flag
And then it goes back, and then it goes back
And then it goes back, and then it goes
And then it goes

And everybody will be singing it
And you and I will be singing it
And we all will be singing it

When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom just like a wavin' flag
And then it goes back, and then it goes back
And then it goes back, and then it goes

When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom just like a wavin' flag
And then it goes back, and then it goes back
And then it goes back, oh

When I get older, when I get older
I will be stronger just like a wavin' flag
Just like a wavin' flag, just like a wavin' flag
Flag, flag, just like a wavin' flag

*p/s: I love this song very much.. it bring a lot meaning to me.. ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I cannot sleep

The clock shows 03:03AM, and I still awake. Huhuh.. I need to wake like 05:30AM, and yet I cannot sleep. Something is stressing me up and it's time for me to learn of saying no and leave everything that may only wasting my time. Green day says, Ignorance is Bliss, but I think if we care to someone who only ends up with the comments of 'no need to care for me', 'get out of my life', 'I'm giving up' and never try to understand what is the life about, then it is pointless. Human have their limits, and this kind of people most probably looking for the weaknesses of letting go, and blame the person for everything that turns to bad interpretation on the person who put effort on connecting each other.

Life is for real, it's about choosing the right and wrong direction. If I want to be a successful person, I must work hard and get it done legal and wisely. I have spend almost most of my time on working, sometime I did enjoy myself with photography and also spending my time with my family & friends during weekend, but still I felt I am tired enough of working. Now, I'm going to concentrate of my work time and make sure everything is in order manner.

p/s: some people thought they are sad, but they never thought of how do we feel about it..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Congrats to Grace & Vincent

just married
Recently I attended Grace & Vincent wedding dinner at Ocean Seafood Restaurant. Prayer and congratulations to both of you. How I wish I have better words to express my congrats wish. Thanks to Eleanor as I tumpang her that night. Some photos to share~ ;)
She looks hot in red! Dang!

The sentimental groom~

Inden &amp; Me
The bride sista~

P/s: Lusa sya mau cuti lagi ni!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Things that I don't like

I have several things that I don't like to do but I'm doing it everyday. Things are like:-

1) Wash my hair at least once a day
2) Driving to the office
3) Counting my budget
4) Doing the thinking stuff

My head is itchy, can someone help me to wash it? Since when I start to be super lazy? Probably the influence of aging..

*Blame the age~ haha.. ;) Have a good day everyone. It is hard to get good connection nowadays. Try to connect as much as I could. I want DiGi broadband..

Friday, November 6, 2009


Bukan gigi sya.. tapi semangat sya bah.. hehe.. itu saja lah.. No idea what to blog today.. actually i have but i dunno how to say it.. Just wanna say thank to Sonly Tiu.. dia bilang... sya mau nampak ko berjaya.. wah.. lama sya tidak dengar ni statement oo.. Tersentuh sekejap.. All the time I never thought someone who I never met will talk motivational words like this.. Even simple, but sya terbuka mata juga ni.. Last sya dengar is from my grandma.. eheks.. well.. sya akan cuba sedaya upaya.. ;) His words really soothe my soul.. Sya rasa kena hargai ni.. sikit sya nangis.. wakaka.. Bah.. itu saja lah geng.. today sya bersemangat ni mau kerja.. Wihu~ To all my precious friend, don't give up~ Mari kita sama sama menuju kejayaan kenen. ;)

Happy Grad!

Yes! I forgot to wish them.. Happy graduation guys! ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Picture of me

As I get Matured..

Consacrez à quelqu'un qui près de mon coeur

Quand je triste, je regarde mes dessins.
La photographie me guérit.
Ils veulent seulement être l'amour.
Comment de moi ? Sont je de l'amour ?
Je les aime. Je ne leur demande jamais de m'aimer.
Mais pourquoi je me sens blessé quand ils s'aiment seulement ?

Peut-être c'est une vie de photographe.
Capturez d'autres moments des gens.
Mais nous oublions toujours de capturer nos moments.
Quand nous ouvrons les albums.
Nous nous sommes rendus compte qu'ils n'ont jamais pris notre photo.
Ils demandent seulement leur dessin que nous avons pris.

La vie y ressemble, je devine.
Vous pouvez prendre simplement d'autres photos des gens.
Mais vous ne pouvez pas les a possédés.
Et ils peuvent oublier de capturer vos dessins.
D'une façon ou d'une autre quelque part, je les aime.

Which means..

Dedicate to someone who near to my heart

When I sad, I look at my pictures.
Photography heals me.
They only want to be love.
How about me? Am I out of love?
I love them. I never ask them to love me.
But why I feel hurt when they only care for themselves?

Maybe that is a photographer life.
Capture other people moments.
But we always forget to capture our moments.
When we open the albums.
We realized that they never took our picture.
They only ask for their picture which we took.

Life is like that, I guess.
You can simply take other people pictures.
But you cannot owned them.
And they may forget to capture your pictures.
Somehow somewhere, I love them.

Piece of Girllyen

Sunday, November 1, 2009

B&W Obsession?

While looking at my pictures taken on SBG 2009 which held only last night, I saw one picture where I took few months ago, and I like the picture very much. I was trying to capture some blurry background of CaiD appearance, and personally, I like the outcome and as a gift, here it is.


Ps: Simple saja ;)