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Friday, November 20, 2009

Describe me~

It's a girl talk again. Well, I am not too girlie but I do have feeling like girls because obviously I am a girl. I have some weaknesses like everybody has. I am easily melt with all the sweet words from a guy, even when he say "this is the song that I wrote for u, even my singing is bad, I hope u like it". I might give a funny look pretending not to like it (depending on the situation), when I smile and laugh sheepishly, I like the pickup lines. We can be friends, but I am sorry that I am taken. :) Hope we can be friends even I am not single.

Since I have blogging and owned so many sweet friends like you, describe me in your own words.. Drop me some comments~ See who is the longest feedback?


NoyIbrahim said...

Sweet Like Candy!!! *wink*

ps: am first :D

SJB said...

Nice (^_*).