I cannot sleep

The clock shows 03:03AM, and I still awake. Huhuh.. I need to wake like 05:30AM, and yet I cannot sleep. Something is stressing me up and it's time for me to learn of saying no and leave everything that may only wasting my time. Green day says, Ignorance is Bliss, but I think if we care to someone who only ends up with the comments of 'no need to care for me', 'get out of my life', 'I'm giving up' and never try to understand what is the life about, then it is pointless. Human have their limits, and this kind of people most probably looking for the weaknesses of letting go, and blame the person for everything that turns to bad interpretation on the person who put effort on connecting each other.

Life is for real, it's about choosing the right and wrong direction. If I want to be a successful person, I must work hard and get it done legal and wisely. I have spend almost most of my time on working, sometime I did enjoy myself with photography and also spending my time with my family & friends during weekend, but still I felt I am tired enough of working. Now, I'm going to concentrate of my work time and make sure everything is in order manner.

p/s: some people thought they are sad, but they never thought of how do we feel about it..