Photoshoot: Sua Sue Kemoning

;) Preview has been made through my FaceBook, but it’s not fair to my friends who doesn’t have FaceBook account yet. What’s with the Sua Sue kemoning? Actually, I try to think what to put as the title of our photo shoot taken on 22/11/2009. I feel the love of a family, sibling and also the friendship that moves in my life. Again, my pixelayerion buddy were at Lagoon Karambunai took the family picture of Sue Besar, Sue Kecik, and Sue Kiut ;) We enjoy the photo shoot very much and I am so glad that Sue Kiyut also have fun in the end.

Here are some pictures for your view ;) Sue, thank you for supporting ;)

DSC_0505 name is Crystal~ ;)

DSC_0506 DSC_0507DSC_0512




P/s: I can’t load too many pictures as this will create lagging to my will load in my flickr once I get the fastest connection ;) Hope you all like the pictures. ;)