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Monday, November 23, 2009

Photoshoot: Sua Sue Kemoning

;) Preview has been made through my FaceBook, but it’s not fair to my friends who doesn’t have FaceBook account yet. What’s with the Sua Sue kemoning? Actually, I try to think what to put as the title of our photo shoot taken on 22/11/2009. I feel the love of a family, sibling and also the friendship that moves in my life. Again, my pixelayerion buddy were at Lagoon Karambunai took the family picture of Sue Besar, Sue Kecik, and Sue Kiut ;) We enjoy the photo shoot very much and I am so glad that Sue Kiyut also have fun in the end.

Here are some pictures for your view ;) Sue, thank you for supporting ;)

DSC_0505 name is Crystal~ ;)

DSC_0506 DSC_0507DSC_0512




P/s: I can’t load too many pictures as this will create lagging to my will load in my flickr once I get the fastest connection ;) Hope you all like the pictures. ;)


Kris and Nadia said...

Yeay.. si suhaila :) sya kenal..huahua...c crystal ka tu?? kiut oo kan :)

mell_f said...

haha duluan lagi si nad. Bebeh,i'm thinking of having minta-puji-punya-gambar2 session bah. I can directly ask u here bah kan.

Mell (tsm4) said...

ok bah si sue kiut. adorable. sa suka gambar si sue kici yg ada bokeh2 tu. waaaaa.... (bingung urang which sue is which ni kan). kekekek

SJB said...

They all look pretty.

Girllyen 'TM' said...

Nad.. ya.. dia laitu.. :D hehehe..
Mell.. boleh boleh.. but u have to confirm which date coz.. some date sudah kena booked ni.. ;)
Merl.. sya pun buli bingung juga..
SJB.. yes.. indeed~ ;)