SHM Party: My idol night

After the photoshoot with Sua Sue Kemoning, I straight away went to The Cruise at Tanjung Aru, KK attending the Sabah Happy Member (SHM) event invited by Patrick, one of my friend from Sarawak who study in Masterskill, KK. The ticket is RM23 and I was sponsored by Patrick, thank you so much Pat. That was my first time gathering with the members of SHM. I found the event was interesting and everybody were high spirited just like a motivational training event. Since, I have problem of remembering everything, I just share my picture here only-lah~ :D Jangan marah.. ;)


The performer~ ;)


Farah & Rachel ~ Kiyut kan dorang.. Owh.. Rachel is from Brunei~


The white dress girl won the best dress that night ;)


Patrick and I


Lastly, my favourite shots! ;) Terima kasih kerana sporting depan camera sya~