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Monday, November 9, 2009

Things that I don't like

I have several things that I don't like to do but I'm doing it everyday. Things are like:-

1) Wash my hair at least once a day
2) Driving to the office
3) Counting my budget
4) Doing the thinking stuff

My head is itchy, can someone help me to wash it? Since when I start to be super lazy? Probably the influence of aging..

*Blame the age~ haha.. ;) Have a good day everyone. It is hard to get good connection nowadays. Try to connect as much as I could. I want DiGi broadband..


SJB said...

No choice, We have to do it (*_*).

NoyIbrahim said...

Pemalas cuci rambut! hahahha.. padahal sa sendiri pun malas but have to! :P

chegu carol said...

u wash ur hair everyday?
maybe i dont sweat that much so i can stand not washing my hair for the most 3 days.

Bro Nudist said...

Hmmm...things I hate:

1. wear clothes
2. go to work
3. having no money

Hahaha...boleh ka macam tu? LOL!